Kelly Dodd’s Stepdaughter Veronica Leventhal Appears To School Kelly In Video About Racism And Prejudice

It seems Kelly Dodd’s orange might have gone stale, but never say never! Kelly had a rough season on Real Housewives of Orange County, but honestly, she has no one to blame but herself. She had really become a force the last few years. She participated in drama, she fed the drama, she was the drama. Kelly had actually developed a pretty decent fanbase because the Tres Amigas became an unholy trinity no one wanted. So Vicki Gunvalson was fired left, Tamra Judge was also fired departed, and Kelly had a big opportunity to reinforce her slot on the show.

She might have gotten a little cocky and felt she was made of Teflon, but Andy Cohen’s opinion is stronger in the Bravo world. Kelly definitely got some dings in her armor, but her own mouth was the source of her downfall. Kelly took an apathetic approach to Covid, and despite her lack of medical education, felt okay about spreading false information. She also managed to stick her foot in her mouth several times on the subject of racism. Kelly appears to have learned her lesson regarding her Rona comments. Now her stepdaughter Veronica Leventhal would like to educate her on bigotry.

When Kelly isn’t getting in trouble, she’s getting to know her new family. Kelly gained two stepdaughters when she married Rick Leventhal, she is bonus mom to Veronica (29 years old) and Shoshana (24 years old). You might have seen Veronica sitting in the audience when Kelly appeared on Watch What Happens Live and Kelly proceeded to speak about her father’s dick size in front of her. Elegant to the end…

Kelly has been in the media a lot lately, but not for anything particularly positive. When Kel gets in trouble, she goes into defense mode – but more often than not her defense sucks and gets her in even more hot water. The Season 15 reunion is finding Kelly answering for her mouth again. She has made some questionable remarks on racism but instead of owning it and moving forward, she tries to cover her comments with the defense she is multi-racial. Kelly even went so far as to get a 23&Me done to prove her heritage after literally everyone and Jesus heard her shout, “I’m Black!” She currently identifies as “all races”.


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As you can imagine, this hasn’t been sitting well with some people. And by some people I mean Rick’s daughter Veronica. Kelly’s bonus kid is now providing her with a bonus education. Veronica made an Instagram video from her private account detailing facts about racism and prejudice. It is not directed at Kelly specifically, but it does seemingly respond to Kelly’s remarks. Twitter account LoveAndyC shared the clip.

Veronica begins, “I want to say something super quickly that I’ve been thinking about the last couple of days.”

She continued, “I don’t think it’s okay for people who say they’ve experienced racism or prejudice to then turn around and inflict that same bigotry on other people. I don’t think you can experience the privileges of whiteness and then turn around and deny that those privileges exist.

Veronica added, “I don’t think that you can claim ownership on a culture or a nationality and then disallow privileges to those people, either through certain political perspectives or just subjugating them in other ways.”


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Veronica continued, “And I don’t think you can use your personal multiculturalism as a shield for people saying that you have biases. And finally, if you are going to make arguments about racism, THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE A BASIC UNDERSTANDING of the difference between race, ethnicity, and nationality. And that’s it.”

Out of the mouths of babes, amirite? Kelly has yet to respond or acknowledge the clip, but if she’s smart she will leave this one alone. I would love to be a fly on the wall during next Leventhal family Thanksgiving. Kelly may or may not be on her way out, but I think we just found Andy’s new girl crush.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]