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Tiffany Moon Denies Talking Down To Kameron Westcott; Says Real Housewives Of Dallas Cast “Acts Like Children”

Many Real Housewives of Dallas fans thought the cast would have nothing to talk about LeeAnne Locken’s absence. But, Tiffany Moon has done more than fill that void. She has been confronting every single cast member (except for D’Andra Simmons) in these episodes and on social media.

On the most recent episode, Tiffany wanted to have the women over so they could get to know her better and have fun. She decided to have a pizza party, which sounds good. We all love pizza, right? Well, Tiffany’s pizza party included an end time, which she thought was considerate, but some of them thought it was uptight/rude. She has the women wear shoe covers, which makes sense (to an extent). Who wants an expensive floor to get scuffed up? But, did she really have to yell out for shoe covers as Brandi Redmond rushed to the bathroom to throw up? The party did not go well. Not by a long shot.

Tiffany shared her takes on the event via Twitter as the episode aired. She posted, “I didn’t know that ending a party at 10:30PM was so rude- I was setting expectations so you can tell your sitter what time you’ll be home, plan your evening, and be fresh for the next day. I like schedules #fulltimedoctor #sorrynotsorry.”

A Real Housewives of Dallas viewer tweeted “unemployed girls are mad [Tiffany] has to wake up early for work.” Tiffany used that as an opportunity to shade Kameron Westcott, writing, “I specifically said I had an early morning meeting the next day. Is a party from 7-10:30pm not ok? Paging the Queen of Etiquette…”


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After that, she responded to Kameron’s comments about Tiffany talking down to her. Tiffany tweeted, “I am a professor- it is my job to correct and teach- I am not “talking down” to you. If my friends say something wrong, I will correct them so that they can learn and improve themselves- I expect the same from my friends. Please don’t mistake my correction for condemnation.”

A fan responded, “It’s better you point out when your friends are using the wrong word cause then they can correct themselves and not look stupid infornt of someone else. I see nothing wrong with advising ones friends.” Tiffany agreed with that and replied, “Exactly. If my shirt was tucked into my panties in the back you’d tell me right?” But, was it cool to interrupt Kameron mid-sentence to correct her when she was describing a pizza topping? Was it really that vital? If you really wanted Kameron to learn, why not pull her aside to “teach” that lesson instead of embarrassing her? Just a thought.


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She concluded her night of Twitter insults live tweeting with “Act like children = get treated like children #RHOD.” She didn’t mention any names, but for some reason, I feel like she was thinking about Kameron and Kary Brittingham when she wrote that one.


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