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Tiffany Moon Says Her 6-Year-Old Daughters Make Better Jewelry Than Kary Brittingham

The shake up in the Real Housewives of Dallas cast this season really changed the dynamic of the whole show. While there seem to be just as many cast divisions, the lines are drawn a bit differently this time around. D’Andra Simmons didn’t seem to mind Kary Brittingham’s relentless pestering of LeeAnne Locken in Season 4. This year, she’s taking the brunt of that energy herself.

While the tension between D and Kary is escalating, it seems D’Andra’s friend, and newest housewife, Tiffany Moon is finding herself in the cross-fire. Tiffany apparently offended Kary when she defended D’Andra’s decision to pursue COVID-19 testing. Which, say what you will about D’Andra, seems pretty reasonable? Either way, it all went left from there.

The rising off-screen tension between Tiffany and Kary made it’s way to Twitter where Kary posted a fugly snake necklace and used it to reference Dr. Tiffany Moon. Imagine insulting a renowned and revered doctor for their take on a roaring pandemic and testing. Kary is *that* crazy aunt at Thanksgiving, y’all. Of course, Tiffany didn’t take the insult lying down and instead donated the price of the Hot-Topic-esque item to an SPCA of Texas.

In an interview with Style Caster the issue of the $1400 gift-shop looking piece was dragged again. Tiffany shared that she thought the Twitter argument would die after the night it happened. She said, “I was like, ‘Signing off. Thanks everyone for live tweeting with me.’ Then Wednesday morning, I finished my first surgery and went to go sit down and have a cup of coffee and this alert came up.”


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That’s right. While Kary is stringing what appear to be bargain basement Hobby Lobby beads, Tiffany is literally saving lives. She shared her reaction to the notification and said, “I was like, ‘Oh, I guess we’re not done.’ She’s pushed me in a pool, she’s called me a hypocrite, she’s called me COVID girl. There’s some level of jokingness among the group that’s fine. Calling me a snake is not fine. I was viscerally upset at that comment.”

Tiffany continued, “Also, this is my honest opinion. That necklace is hideous. I can’t believe you’re selling it for $1,400. My children have made better things and brought them home to me. So I was like, ‘Well, how do I turn this negative into a positive?’”


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Tiffany revealed how she came to the decision of where to donate her hard earned cash, “I had recently been dealing with the death of my dog, Max. He had a freak accident and had emergency surgery and then died. I love being charitable either with my money or my time. Since she said snake, I was like, ‘Oh, what can we think about for snakes?’ It popped into my head. Instead of buying this hideous necklace, I would instead donate the exact amount to the SPCA in honor of my poor Max. So I did, and I screenshotted the receipt to prove it.”

So there you have it. While Kary is shilling truly tasteless metal and rocks on strings, calling people names, and being generally terrible, Tiffany is taking it in stride, saving lives, and donating her dollars to pooches in need.


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