Bethenny Frankel Denies Shading Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Lisa Barlow

Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel sounds like she isn’t planning on returning to the franchise for a third time. In August of 2019, she announced that she was leaving RHONY. And Bethenny made it clear that she didn’t enjoy filming the show.

Then we have Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Lisa Barlow. Like Bethenny, Lisa is a strong woman and entrepreneur. Lisa said that the most common misunderstanding about her is that “I’m a bitch.” She clarified, “I’m not a bitch. I have a backbone.”

During the second episode of the Season 1 RHOSLC reunion, after an epic fight with co-star Heather Gay, Lisa stormed off-stage during a break in filming. She started crying and told a Bravo producer to continue without her.

Lisa was asked by a follower, “Have you connected with [Bethenny?] Both amazing New Yorkers with an alcohol brand! Not just alcohol, just strong opinionated women that don’t take [BS].” The fan continued, “Oh @Andy, can you have these two on? Love them #RHWBrand.”

Lisa responded by tweeting a throwback photo of herself with Bethenny. “She’s amazing. Long time ago thank you!” Lisa added with a heart emoji. Then Bethenny retweeted the photo of the duo. Bethenny wrote, “We met years ago when I was hosting Chefdance & she had the brand back then. I remember her being beautiful & sweet.” She added, “I had no idea she was on the show. Congrats.”


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Apparently, Bethenny’s post alerted the shade police, and they were soon all over Bethenny’s case. “Wow the shade, ‘I had no idea she was on the show’ sure, sure Bethenny, whatever you say,” one user said. The follower added a GIF of Carole Radziwill rolling her eyes. Nice touch!

Another fan tweeted, “Ms. Shade? –Your table is ready.” The user added a GIF of Bethenny raising her hand, with the caption “party of one.” I don’t think that Bethenny was shading Lisa being on RHOSLC. Bethenny hopped on Twitter to handle the situation. “I’m so good that I don’t even know what I threw. I’ll own the shade but please tell me what to take credit for…” Bethenny wrote.


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“I had no idea she was on the show’ a day after their reunion episode… I miss your shade #RHOSLC,” another fan tweeted, with a crying emoji and a GIF of a woman screaming with laughter. Bethenny retweeted that comment and clarified that she wasn’t making a dig at Lisa. Bethenny said, “I am the most literal person. I had no idea. Sweetie, I don’t shade, I thunder and I storm. You will know when there is a lightning storm,” the Skinnygirl mogul added. “We will go right past shade. I haven’t seen the show.”

Lisa confirmed that her relationship with Bethenny is fine. She tweeted, “Thank you Bethenny, you made that 10 days amazing. Our whole team still talks about it [the event where they met]. You are everything.” Bethenny ended the supposed Twitter feud with one final comment. “You people are crazy… and I love it.. and I mean batshit… Please don’t change. Xo,” Bethenny wrote with a blowing kiss emoji.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]