Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Wants Girlfriend Kris To Film Real Housewives Of Orange County With Her

As the latest season of Real Housewives of Orange County wrapped, it’s hard to name a bigger turn around than cast member Braunwyn Windham-Burke. She ended last season with what we thought was a hot and heavy marriage. She even had a vow renewal this season. All seemed….good?

But cracks quickly started to show. And some of the bombs she has dropped this season were pretty unexpected, even for the unconventional housewife. She admitted she was an alcoholic and spent the season not only battling it, but defending it to the likes of Gina Kirschenheiter and Kelly Dodd. She also admitted to some pretty heavy stuff within her seemingly perfect marriage. Those things included slapping husband, Sean Burke and just an overall vibe of her not being into him. Cut to her in the last episode coming out as a lesbian. While reports indicated she wanted to stay married, Braunwyn is busy having a full on relationship with her 29-year old girlfriend, Kris.

So what’s the next logical step in the relationship? Having Kris film with Braunwyn on RHOC, of course! Braunwyn recently spoke with E! News’ Daily Pop to give all the details. She started by saying, “Yeah, I think she’ll film with me. Not a lot—the women can be a kind of tough crowd— so I think I would like to keep it a little to myself.” No kidding.

But despite her castmates being tough, Sean has been anything but. They are still married and living together and Braunwyn said they are “best friends.” While she recently admitted she would be “heartbroken” if Sean fell in love with someone else, the two seem to remain committed to their arrangement.


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Braunwyn elaborated, “We joke about the fact that it would be so much easier if [Sean] was gay. ‘Cause he’s not. So, everyone that DMs him every day—he gets about 100 DMs—Sean is straight! But of course, I would support him. I support my husband no matter what…We are family, and just like we support our children, we support each other.”

Speaking of her children, Braunwyn said it wasn’t hard at all to come out to them. “Jacob [Windham-Burke] and Rowan [Windham-Burke], they are sexually and gender fluid…They go to an art school and they are surrounded by very open-minded people in their own lives.” She continued, “So for them, they were like, ‘Okay. If you’re happy, if dad’s happy, that’s all we care about.'”


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Given the amount of family support she has, it’s no wonder Braunwyn is so happy. And she has bestie Noella Berenger to thank for that. Noella is how Braunwyn came to meet Kris in the first place. Braunwyn explained, “It’s actually a really funny story how we met. My best friend Noella set me up a fake Tinder profile. She knew I was too scared to do it myself. And she kind of pre-dated people that are my type because I have a very specific type.”

As for her first date with Kris, Braunwyn said, “When she showed up, I was so nervous. Within two seconds, I was just, ‘Hiiiiii!'”

I know the cast (and fans) are accusing Braunwyn of being thirsty and using her personal life’s ups and downs as a storyline but I’m happy for her. Plus, aren’t housewives supposed to use what’s going on in their life as a storyline? I would rather watch that than hear Kelly deny coronavirus or Shannon Beador whine about not being able to find paper towels during a pandemic. I know, you guys are going to hate me for taking Braunwyn’s side! You can tell me all about it in the comments.


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Braunwyn might be a bit much, but she’s forging her own path. All in front of the cameras, which can’t be easy. I hope we continue to see it next season. If she is on next season, that is.


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