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Kelly Dodd Implies Braunwyn Windham-Burke Staged Paparazzi Photos Of Her and Her Husband Going To A Sex Shop

Real Housewives of Orange County stars past and present can’t stop commenting on the antics of fellow castmate Braunwyn Windham-Burke. And who could blame them? Braunwyn somehow finds herself in the news every other day. She’s either interviewing about her many storylines, or she’s constantly getting her picture taken while she is out and about. 

OG housewife, Vicki Gunvalson, called out Braunwyn for not spending time with her children when photos surfaced of her making out with her new girlfriend at the beach. Hey, at least the kids have dad Sean Burke and several nannies there for them. Current RHOC housewife, Kelly Dodd, made it no secret she believes Braunwyn plans for these photos. During an episode of the show, Kelly called out Braunwyn for using a BLM rally as a photo op. And now Kelly is hinting Braunwyn is at it again. 

Kelly took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the latest photo circulating of Braunwyn out with Sean going to a sex shop. Does this mean that Braunwyn and Sean are trying to make it work? I’m sure we’ll have to wait until next season to find out, but until then, Braunwyn will have to continue to put up with the wrath of Kelly and her fans. 

Kelly posted, “Gee what a remarkable coincidence to get caught on camera just before your next appearance on #WHHL …what are the odds??!?” Kelly’s BFF, Emily Simpson, liked the post of course. It will be a sad day when Kelly and Emily end up back at odds with each other on the show. Their friendship is fun to watch.


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Kelly then bantered back and forth with fans who commented on her post. One fan said about Braunwyn, “She loooooooves attention!” Kelly responded with, “You think??!? It’s off the charts.” Kelly replied to a commenter, “You’re pretty smart,” when they wrote, “I’m surprised she didn’t invite the paps inside the store with her for an ‘inside look at her modern marriage tricks.” Don’t worry, I’m sure that will be a chapter in her upcoming book she no doubt has plans for.

A fan used Vicki’s nickname for Braunwyn when they posted, “Who would have thought Brown Wind would be the topic that I can find common ground with Kelly on? I can’t wait to see Kelly tell her at the reunion.” Kelly pumped up the reunion and said, ““It’s so gooooooodddd!” I really hope so! This season has been a total slog to get through. It would be good to end a high note. 


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A commenter posted about Sean, “Maybe he helped her pick something for her girlfriend.” Kelly, of course, gave a reply with TMI. She wrote back, “Wouldn’t that be something!! A strap on.” Someone then insulted Braunwyn’s mode of transportation. They wrote, “I just can’t get over how she dresses well and has that nice house but drives that nasty minivan.” Kelly responded with a heart emoji and wrote, “I’m not going to lie…. I would drive a nasty mini van with that many kids! But I wouldn’t be that dumb to have that many kids.”

The topic of Braunwyn’s family issues also came up. A fan wrote, “Braunwyn is deeply troubled. I feel for her family.” Kelly noted, “I feel for her family as well!” It is truly sad that even Braunwyn’s own daughter said she needed help. 


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Things lightened up when a fan called out Braunwyn for being thirsty for attention. They wrote, “I don’t think Gatorade could quench that thirst.” Kelly clapped back, “or an IV bag.”And of course, all roads lead back to Vicki. A fan commented, “She almost makes me wish Vicki was back.” Kelly gave a surprising response and wrote, “Ditto. Not going to lie!”


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