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Life After Lockup Recap: Keeping It In The Family

Life After Lockup has a way of shocking you even when you think you’d seen it all. Kristianna has no clue that her loving husband John is teetering on the edge of an affair with her sister! They’re taking the phrase “keeping it in the family” to an entirely new level. When she gets out of prison, she’s going to be surprised at how close they’ve become. Eventually that day is going to come, and they’ll have a lot to answer to.

Hopefully Life After Lockup viewers can get some answers about the state of Lindsey Downs & Scott Bradshaw’s relationship. When we last saw them, she destroyed his office and left his belongings out in the rain. After uncovering lies about Scott, Lindsey felt like she had no other choice. Throwing a toddler temper tantrum is always the right way to go. Yes? It’s time for Scott to kick that lunatic to the curb once and for all.

Andrea & Lamar

Lamar Jackson Life After Lockup

Andrea Edwards’ meeting up face to face with Lamar Jackson’s older daughter. This could go so many different ways. If Andrea approaches her the way she typically comes at things, it’s going to be a problem. In the past, her reactions make everything a million times worse. This is already a delicate situation that could further tear this family apart. They don’t need Andrea’s antics exacerbating everything.

Priscilla begs her mother to be nice to her older sister Shante. Do this for her. Andrea’s praying to Jesus things go well and she has the strength to get through this. With her history, she’s going to need all the divine assistance she can get.

Lamar is grateful Shante & Andrea are finally sitting down and having this moment. He’s felt torn in two different directions for the longest time. This is a chance for the family to heal and mend together as one. In a perfect world that’s what will happen here.


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Shante says she feels like Andrea holds Lamar back from spending time alone with her. Andrea chimes in to defend herself and proclaim she just wants acceptance. Lamar steps outside so they can have one on one time. None of this really is Andrea’s fault. She has nothing to do with all of the time Lamar spent not being in Shante’s life. A huge chunk of that predates her.

Shante feels left out of their family unit and wants more effort, but Andrea sees it differently. She felt like bringing Shante in more often would be bringing more drama into her family. It wouldn’t be that much different from the chaos she and Lamar exhibit on every Life After Lockup episode. They’re toxic together.

I like that they’re having this conversation because you can tell Shante just wants to be accepted. She wants to feel like she has a real relationship with her father. Thankfully Andrea is willing to do more to accept her and be there for Shante’s children as well.

John & Kristianna

John Life After Lockup

Kristianna’s getting out of prison in three weeks, so I hope things go better this time. She was triggered by the outside world last time and ended up relapsing. What’s going to happen this time when her husband and sister are flirting with infidelity.

They’ve only spent a few days on the outside together. However, her sister has been shacking up with him for nearly a year. This is a bizarre situation, and he needs to figure out what he wants before his wife gets out. This is wildly inappropriate. Also, the sister looks like a cross between Angelica from Rugrats and Godzilla. He’s leveling himself down.

John’s feeling guilty about the flirting with Terra, but it’s not enough to squash the behavior. This is probably why he’s never had a successful relationship. “Messing around” with your wife’s sister isn’t in the traditional playbook for marriage. How is Kristianna going to feel when she eventually sees this footage? It’s going to CRUSH her.

Cheating on Kristianna negates his traditional Native wedding to her. That’s a big no no within their community. He has a history of cheating though, so anything’s possible. John has cheated on EVERY SINGLE WOMAN he’s ever been with. He’s a serial cheater, so Kristianna needs to have her guard up when she’s home. Keep an eye on your man.


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Kristianna hits John with some good news that she’s getting out early! IN TWO DAYS. She doesn’t have to go to the halfway house this time either. This is a big win for her because last time going there proved to be a major trigger.

With this good news also comes some not so good news. Well, that depends who you ask. John should be relieved by this new piece of information. She can’t live with Terra or anyone with pending charges. THIS IS GREAT NEWS FOR JOHN. If Terra moves out, John can keep the flirtation from her. However, she could turn on him and tell Kristianna EVERYTHING.

John tells Terra and her mother about the conditions of Kristianna’s release, and Terra calls BS. She thinks it’s a contrived excuse to keep their budding romance at bay. The idea of being out in the world and possibly using again, terrifies everyone. Terra wants to reveal ALL to her sister. This is not good at all.

Lacey, Shane, & John

Lacey Life After Lockup

Shane changes the entry code to their home. I’m assuming he’s doing it to ensure John never tries to get inside. He’s still fuming from Lacey withholding the information about John’s release. Given their sorted past together, it’s somewhat of a red flag she didn’t disclose the information.

Lacey’s over Shane’s paranoia about John. I don’t think it’s unfounded paranoia. Lacey has a history of letting this man back into her life and making bad decisions with him. Now that there’s an unborn child in the mix, he’s not taking any chances. If Lacey could be trusted, he wouldn’t have to go through such great lengths to keep John away.

John is on the hunt to find out the truth of what’s going on with Lacey. He’s become obsessed with finding out if she called the cops on him and sent him to prison. If he doesn’t back off, Shane is going to lose it on him and possibly land him in the hospital or the morgue. He needs to back away.

It’s not that crazy for Shane to be concerned either. John has a history of showing up to Lacey’s home and wreaking havoc. There’s nothing to say that won’t happen again. Keeping him out of their lives is the only surefire way to keep everyone safe.

John links up with Lacey’s friend Miranda to learn the truth, but he hits a dead end. She says she doesn’t know if Lacey called the cops. There’s no way Lacey’s close friend is THAT out of the loop.

She does offer a bombshell to John and tells him about Lacey’s pregnancy. Devastation washes over John’s face when he learns the truth. He needed to hear this though. Reality needs to set in for John that there’s no future for him and Lacey. That’s long gone. Her future is with Shane and their unborn child.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Their entire family is actually going all the way to Alaska. Marcelino Santiago has no desire to go to the icy tundra of Alaska. He’s built for the tropics, and where they’re headed is anything but. Hope you packed a parka!

I’m glad they’re dragging Cynthia to Alaska because she needs this moment. She needs to confront her past in order to save her future. She doesn’t want to face the root of her issues, but Brittany Santiago is forcing her hand. This will be good for her if she allows it to be. Confronting your past is a difficult thing, but she’s capable of it.

I will say that just because this type of confrontation worked for Brittany, it doesn’t mean it will for Cynthia. She’s freaking out on the car ride to her mother’s house. She wants no part in coming face to face with the woman that caused her so much pain.

Brittany’s not looking forward to seeing her grandmother either. She was hurt by her in the past as well, but this is something she thinks her mother needs. Brittany firmly believes that coming face to face with the ghosts of Cynthia’s past will help her heal.

Cynthia finally walks into the house and both she and her mother break down. That’s all cute and all, but Marcelino doesn’t want his kids exposed to Jackie for too long. It’s a quick in and out, and he takes the kids outside. I’m glad he’s always making decisions that are best for his family. He wants no part of the mess.

Cynthia tries to get her mother to own up to her role in how her life turned out. However, that falls on deaf ears. Her mother won’t own up to any role that she played. What a crock of s**T. She knows exactly what she did. Brittany’s idea turned out to be a horrible idea. However, at least now the world sees what a miserable lonely woman Jackie is.

Scott & Lindsey

Scott Bradshaw Life After Lockup

Things didn’t turn out well for this Life After Lockup couple at all. After Lindsey trashed  his office, he asked her to leave, but she refused. He’s just biding his time until she messes up and ends up back in prison. HE WAS RIGHT. Lindsey is back in jail, and she’s facing more years in prison for drug possession and a parole violation.


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How could she do this to her daughter? The only saving grace of this is that Scott’s able to rid himself of her. She leaves him a voicemail that he’s the biggest piece of s**t she’s ever met. It’s nasty and degrading. He knew exactly what she was, and she proved him right. She’s a career criminal, and this is what her future will hold for the foreseeable future.

Shavel & Quaylon

Quaylon Shavel Life After Lockup

I’m shaking my head at Shavel. How she could give that loser another chance is beyond me. Why is she willing to do this to her family? Shame on her.

Shavel wants to speak to Quaylon, but she wants to do it on the Ferris Wheel. That’s so extra, but I’m here for it. She’s asking all of the right questions, but her mind is likely already made up. Shavel’s going to give him another shot. She’s going to get hurt again. This is a cycle bound to continue until she recognizes her own worth.

Quaylon rubs me the wrong way. He’s so damn cocky and entitled. He actually showed up to this amusement park with an engagement ring to propose to Shavel. That’s so ballsy. The worst thing she could ever do is marry that man. He hasn’t changed.

In the biggest mistake of her life, Shavel accepts Quaylon’s proposal. It’s baffling. It secures her spot on Life After Lockup, but that’s about it. All this does is make the heartbreak a million times worse for her daughter when it crumbles.


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