Life After Lockup Recap: The Roller Coaster Of Love

It’s all fun and games when someone first gets released from prison, but Life After Lockup is tough. The couples this season on Life After Lockup are exemplifying that more than ever before. Puppy expected the full fairytale with Amber when she got out of jail. However, it’s proving to be anything but. Amber is keeping a loaded secret from her, and Puppy’s already feeling neglected in the relationship. These two are DOA only a week into being together.

A main focus of this Life After Lockup season has been the saga between Shawn & Destinie. The monumental issue at the center of their relationship is the $50,000 he has on the line. Shawn’s left with a never ending high level of anxiety because his financial future is in jeopardy. This is the moment of truth. If Destinie chooses to skip court, Shawn loses the money. Their relationship (if there even is hope for one) will be defined by this moment. It’s do or die for this Life After Lockup couple.

Amber & Puppy

Puppy Life After Lockup

Amber is left feeling so hungover after a night of partying with Puppy and their friends. Things took a steamy turn later that night when they finally had sex. Puppy says the sex was good, but she feels like Amber’s pretending not to remember it.

It’s interesting that Amber is pretending like she is only willing to be gay when drunk. Puppy wants a life with this woman. She’s totally unaware that Amber has a secret man. What’s going to happen once he is released from prison? Is she going to drop Puppy from her life?

I came into this relationship thinking I’d be against Puppy the entire time. The more the season progresses though, Amber’s true colors are coming out. She’s nowhere near as invested in the relationship as Puppy is. What’s the point in stringing this woman along? Stop trying to have your cake and eat it too.

Amber says it’s a surprise to her that Puppy wants a serious relationship. This isn’t what the plan was supposed to be. They were both supposed to have their men on the side, and go from there. Clearly, that’s not what’s happening here. Puppy wants the two of them to live happily ever after.

Despite all of this, Amber’s still hung up on her ex Sammy. He’s the mystery man she’s been communicating with. Well that’s one part of the equation solved.

John & Kristianna

John Life After Lockup

I honestly forget these two were still part of Life After Lockup. We haven’t seen or heard anything about either of them in ages. It’s highly odd that these two are married, but they’ve only spent three days together. What kind of marriage is that?

Kristianna’s still in prison, but her mother and sister are still residing with John. Things look to be a little too friendly between John & Tara. How many people let their sister-in-law roam half naked in their bedroom and smack their ass? What exactly is happening here? This has crossed the line of unacceptable.

John says Tara has stepped into the role of partner while he’s wife is away. I wonder if Kristianna’s aware of any of this? Her sister is playing wifey to her husband while she’s serving time. How’s any of that okay?

Kristianna calls and tells John she’s probably getting out of prison in a month. However, she’s nervous about seeing him because she’s put on quite a bit of weight. This doesn’t bother him, so she won’t have to worry about that. What she SHOULD be concerned about though is her sister’s closeness with John. That’s sketchy, and I doubt it’ll fly once she’s released.


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In John’s eyes, it’s a good thing that she’s packed on some weight. The weight gain serves as a sign that she’s clean and on the road toward real recovery. They say relapse is a natural part of recovery, but hopefully this time, she stays on the right path. She deserves to eventually have a life of peace and happiness.

Kristianna’s mother doesn’t understand what’s going on between Tara & John. The flirting between them is glaringly obvious. They’re not even pretending to hide it. So many lines are being crossed while she’s away in prison.

John admits there’s been multiple occasions where sparks have flown between him and Tara. This is so uncomfortable to watch. Seeing her touch him and sit on his lap is a bit too much. Tara tries to KISS John, but he rebuffs her advances. He doesn’t want to go against his vows to Kristianna, so nothing’s happening between them. I don’t know if Tara is feeling the same.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Marcelino Santiago & Brittany Santiago have done the right thing by bringing her mother home with them. That motel she was staying at was a hotspot for crime. That’s not the type of place Cynthia needs to be if she’s ever going to get on the right track.

Brittany doesn’t even know where to begin with her mother. She doesn’t want to spend her time searching for her mother in these sketchy locations. Obviously she wants to save her mom, but she’s putting herself in this triggering environment by doing so. One saving grace though during this trip was her mom was sober when they found her.

All of this trouble began after her mother was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Being prescribed addictive medications lead her on this path of self destruction. You never know how these medications will get you in their grip. It just takes one misuse to fall down the rabbit hole of addiction.

Brittany pitches the idea to Marcelino of bringing her mother to Alaska to get sober. These lengths are too much for Marcelino. He’s sick of catering to Cynthia and her needs. The cost of the trip to Alaska is going to fall on him. He does want her to get better, but he can’t be running the streets every night trying to track her down. He ultimately agrees to do the trip to Alaska, so let’s hope it works.


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The following morning, Brittany tries to explain the reality of what could’ve happened to her mother. She gets blunt with her and tells Cynthia it’s for the best if she leaves Vegas. Being in a town like this is way too much for someone trying to get clean. That town is pure temptation for someone like Cynthia. Alaska is what’s best.

Brittany hasn’t seen her grandmother Jackie in several years, so this could go totally wrong. Jackie has a history of abusive behavior toward both Brittany and her mother. Is that a good idea? This sounds like a triggering location to put someone that’s in such a vulnerable state right now.

It’s not about that though. This is an opportunity for Cynthia to free herself of the emotional burden she’s been carrying since childhood. It’s a long overdue cathartic release.

Sarah & Michael

Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

It’s been a week now, and Michael Simmons is still “living” with Sarah Simmons. Playing house like this with her ex isn’t going to help their problems. If anything it’s going to cloudy a situation that’s already bordering on opaque.

On the other hand, it’s enjoyable seeing him actually be fairly consistent in his children’s lives. If he can maintain this level of commitment to fatherhood, he has a shot at redemption. The constant in and out he’s accustomed to doing was doing these girls so much harm. That’s confusing to a child.

Surprisingly, Malcolm is still in the picture, and Sarah’s gearing up for a date with him. She’s shacking up with the man she’s still legally married to. How many boyfriends would be okay with that? Michael doesn’t even take their relationship seriously. To him it’s just a playdate.

Sarah’s nervous about the idea of telling Malcolm that Michael’s staying with her. This isn’t something you should be springing on the man you’re dating. She knows her relationship with him could come to a crashing end. Nobody in their right mind would be willing to put up with Michael’s shenanigans.


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Telling Malcolm about Michael could ruin their date, so Sarah’s holding off on that. However, of course, Michael has to ruin everything. He calls Sarah during the date to ask where she’s at. You know exactly where she is. She’s on a date with her NEW man. She doesn’t need you.

Sarah tells Malcolm the truth after the phone call, and he’s shell-shocked. He wants to know the inner workings of this new dynamic. She tries to convince him that she’s been faithful, but he’s still not into this idea. With Michael hanging around the home, they can’t do anything. They have nowhere to be intimate. Their privacy has been shattered.

Naturally, he wants to remove himself from the situation until she figures things out. He cuts their date short because of this. He does understand what she’s doing with her family, but this new path isn’t for him. Malcolm can tell Michael’s making a play to get Sarah back, and he doesn’t want any part of that. THANK G OODNESS HE REMOVED HIMSELF FROM THIS HOT MESS.

Shavel & Quaylon

Shavel Life After Lockup

How is Shavel not telling Quaylon to go f**k himself? The way he’s shown up out of nowhere to try and win her back is ridiculous. He has still yet to actually own up to ANY of his wrongdoings. He hasn’t changed one bit. She’s a damn fool if she gives him another chance. The outcome won’t be any different a second time around.

Shavel says unless Quaylon is ready to make a commitment she will be done with him. He keeps skirting around the truth when she brings it up. Saying “cheating allegations” is a phrase designed to make her question whether or not it happened. We all saw the text messages. We all know what went down. It’d be easier to respect him if he’d just come clean.

Quaylon wants his relationship back, and he says they need to work on it together. HOW IS SHE LETTING THIS S**T SLIDE? Shavel’s easily suckered in by Quaylon because of the way he interacts with her daughter. She’s open to hearing him out and trying to fix things.

DMARK (her cousin) knows nothing has changed with Quaylon. He can’t get himself to calm down because he knows this is an epic mistake. Shavel’s letting this man back into her orbit with no remembrance for the way he did he wrong. This is bound to end in utter disaster.

Shawn & Destinie

Destinie Life After Lockup

Destinie is so reckless to even consider skipping court. She’s already on the hook for an escape charge. Not showing up isn’t going to make the court system look favorably on her. All that will do is highlight her tendency to flee, and she’ll end up facing even more time.

Shawn tries to get a hold of her, but of course there’s no answer. However, to everyone’s (my own included) surprise Destinie pulls into the court parking lot. At the last possible moment, she did the right thing. It was down to the wire, but she’s there. Shawn should take this moment to breathe a sigh of relief that he isn’t out the $50,000.

Destinie’s in a much better headspace than she was the previous night. She knows that if she accepts the reality of everything, it’ll go a lot smoother. We’ll see if she holds that same mentality if things don’t go in her favor.

After confirming she’s there, Shawn decides to pull up right next to Destinie and her sister. To say that Destinie’s not happy to see him would be putting things far too lightly. She is incensed. The sight of Shawn is sending her into a tailspin. She doesn’t want him there. She doesn’t want any part in him showing up at this hearing.


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Shawn doesn’t understand why she’s giving him this type of reaction. Dude, you really drove to a whole other state to creep up on this woman. She asked for space, but you couldn’t be bothered to respect her wishes. How else should she be reacting?

30 minutes later, Shawn’s shown asking her sister what’s going on. Destinie is pissed. Shawn’s not understanding the gravity of what’s at stake. There’s a very good chance the next time he sees Destinie is behind bars. She might not walk out of the courtroom. He needs to prepare himself for that. Everything else can wait.

After a long wait, Destinie finally emerges from the courthouse. Her sister wants to know what happened, but the sight of Shawn has Destinie clammed up. She doesn’t want anything to do with him.


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Due to the pandemic, her court date got postponed AGAIN. There’s no closure. Destinie’s future is still up in the air which means she’s still on the bond. Shawn’s $50,000 is still at stake. Destinie doesn’t want anything to do with him or any of his lies. Their relationship was built on the foundation of lies about his age and his children.

Shawn makes a last ditch effort to get some information out of her and asks about her prior engagements. She doesn’t want to reveal anything about that. Destinie admits her entire relationship with Shawn’s a con, and her sister is dumbfounded. What sort of mess has Shawn got himself into with this one?


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