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Below Deck Mediterranean Star Bugsy Drake Releases A Book On Tablescapes

Both Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean have undergone some haywire transformations in their most recent seasons. Among the highest ranking changes was Bugsy Drake coming on as a second strew mid-season and ending in the role of chief! Who saw that coming? And what was the new interior leader’s point of order? Tablescapes of course!!

Have you ever seen so much tablescape drama in your life? Captain Sandy Yawn shamed Hannah Ferrier for her lack of gusto for table design. It is such a weird microcosm of existence to get hung up on. Like how much emotion can one person have around napkins, those weird flat marble stone things from your grandma’s house, and forks? I guess the answer is, a lot.

Bugsy recently posted an update on her personal tablescape journey. She posted an Instagram picture of herself on the cover of her new book! The title reads, ‘The Art of Tablescaping: Deck Out Your Table With The Queen Of Theme’. Honestly, as we edge closer to the light at the end of this COVID-19 tunnel, this may be a timely read. Bugs’ caption started, “HERE IT IS!!! I listened to all of you and now I have a book. I’m ecstatic!”I’m dying to know which of you was DMing Bugs asking her to write this super niche content.

The tablescape empress continued, “I am so incredibly proud to share my passion with the world! I am beyond grateful to everyone who has been involved in helping me bring my vision to life.. You have all been a massive part of this journey, whether I know you or not! I love you all !!!”


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Sandy commented “Congratulations!! Send me one please!” I’m embarrassed. She can’t buy one and support this poor girl who’s been reduced to writing a book on setting tables with Hobby Lobby tchotchkes? She needs us! Luckily, Sandy also took the time to tweet the book out to all her followers.

Other fellow Below Deck alum sent their love as well. Kiko Lorran, Francesca Rubi, Colin Macy-O’Toole, and Josiah Carter all “liked” Bugsy’s announcement. Bugs’ Bravo-bestie, Malia White wrote, “Yasssss! Well done Bugs! Can’t wait to get one!” Bobby Giancola even chimed in to say “Omg Bugs this is amazing!!!!! So stoked for you!!”

My favorite comment of all? “LETSSS FUCKINGGG GOOO. I’m so happy for you. This past year of hard work def was worth it,” from the ever-supportive deckhand Alex Radcliffe. Bringing that hype to fine dining.

Click here to order Bugsy’s book.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]