Patricia Altschul Shares Website Dedicated To Michael Kelcourse’s Recovery; Fans Can Send Good Wishes And Stay Updated On Progress

Most of the time around here we like to cut up and have fun whilst relaying the latest embezzlement scheme involving a Housewife. Our content often surrounds the trials and tribulations of rich people with little sense and no moral compass. Regardless of what show catches your fancy on Bravo, sometimes the folks who snatch our hearts are not on the main cast. Patricia Altschul has been on Southern Charm since Season 1, and so has her butler, Michael Kelcourse.

Michael the Butler is arguably the best part of Southern Charm. He has been a loyal friend to Ms. Pat and her family for almost 20 years. For all intents and purposes, Michael runs everything. He takes care of Patricia, he maintains an army of animals, and he manages an enormous home with relative ease. Viewers began to love Michael for his tenderness towards dogs and his shy, quick wit. This is why it was heartbreaking to learn Michael unfortunately suffered a debilitating stroke. Now Ms. Pat offers a way for us to keep up with Michael and his progress.

In February, Michael had an acute spinal cord stroke, which “has caused significant nerve damage and impairment.” Michael was transferred to Shepherd Spinal Center in Atlanta, with the hopes of recovering. At this point the true extent of the damage is not known, but Ms. Pat has shared some updates on Michael’s fight and a forum to send him some much needed good wishes.

In an Instagram post Pat wrote, “To get updates on Michael Kelcourse #michaelthebutler and to send him good wishes get the @caringbridgeofficial app or go to the link in my bio … also included is the address for the Shepherd Spinal Center in Atlanta #southerncharm.” The Caring Bridge website offers journal entries on Michael’s progress and updates on his treatment. Fans are also able to write comments of support, prayers, and positive thoughts. You can visit Michael’s page here.


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Spinal strokes are quite rare, they represent under 2% of all strokes. It happens when the build-up of fats, cholesterol, and other substances in and on the artery walls begin to constrict blood flow. Michael’s infarction occurred in the thoracic spine. The facility that Michael is in is one of the leading medical outlets for spinal cord injuries and by all accounts, he was extremely fortunate a bed was available after his crisis.

Because of Covid, Ms. Pat is not really allowed to travel and visit with Michael, as patients have very limited visitation. I have to assume Ms. Pat is beside herself and worried sick. While it may be easy to assume Michael is a helper on a salary, the fact is he is a very loyal companion to Patricia and she considers him part of her family.


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Per the journal updates, Michael is ready to navigate his journey towards recovery. So maybe if you have a quiet moment today or a lull in your daily grind, perhaps a nice comment to Michael to cheer him up a bit could go on the agenda. With the proper treatment and therapy, hopefully Michael can have a successful outcome. All of us at Reality Tea would like to extend best wishes and hopes for a gentle recovery to Michael.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]