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Is Erika Jayne’s Divorce From Tom Girardi A Scam To Protect Assets? Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Sued For Embezzlement!

Someone might be in big trouble. A couple of months ago, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne, revealed she filed for divorce from her husband Tom Girardi after more than twenty years. Many people side-eyed this filing as it seemed to coincide with a pesky lawsuit Tom was dealing with. If you didn’t have sham divorce to protect assets on your 2020 bingo card, then you haven’t been paying attention.

This could be the one thing that makes Erika pack her latex and hair extensions and move quietly to Encino. Unfortunately for Erika, it HAS TO DO WITH TOM. Shady business deals and sketchy wallets are not new to RHOBH fans because, Dorit Kemsley, but this one takes the cake. Erika is not having a good holiday season thus far and she’s about to partake in some tricky legal situations. Today we will learn about embezzlement.

Are people cursed in Beverly Hills or is Karma just taking them down one by one? Pause for Lisa Vanderpump to sip her tea… As we all know, Erika filed to divorce Tom. Not entirely surprising because Erika speaks of Tom like a caretaker who lets her out of the attic every once in a while, but they clearly had an agreement between them that worked.

Here’s another storyline that will never see the light of day. This is where we need Kyle Richards advising everyone to be “open and honest”. This is also where Lisa Rinna would be telling someone to “own it”. But don’t hold your breath because that only applies to certain people. Remember Erika bragging that it costs $40k a month to keep her eyes open and face from cracking? And remember the highly successful ERIKA JAYNE who tours with dancers, a staff, a glam squad, and music production? Welp, party’s over.


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According to Page Six, Erika and Tom were sued by a class action firm on behalf of Boeing plane crash victims. The couple allegedly embezzled settlement funds meant to help the victims of Lion Air Flight 610, per federal court documents filed on Wednesday. Translation: Tom’s firm represented multiple families of deceased plane crash victims in a lawsuit. Instead of giving money to the people, the money went to Erika’s mink eyelashes. ALLEGEDLY. “[Girardi] …continues to use that money to fund his and Erika’s lavish lifestyle, release personal guarantees, pay down loans, route the money to friends and family and satisfy other outstanding debts.”

The suit claims Tom and his law firm “are on the verge of financial collapse and locked in a downward spiral of mounting debts and dwindling funds” and his “need to fund outrageous lifestyles for himself and his soon-to-be ex-wife Erika Jayne” is the reason for her spontaneous divorce filing earlier this year. Has anyone noticed if a slightly used manse with a chapel in Pasadena has popped up on the MLS?


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Per the article, “While Erika publicly filed for divorce this month, on information and belief, that ‘divorce’ is simply a sham attempt to fraudulently protect Tom and Erika’s money from those that seek to collect on debts owed by Tom and his law firm.” Us Weekly has more details. The suit alleged that the estranged couple embezzled settlement funds intended to help the families of the victims of Lion Air Flight 610, which crashed in 2018 and killed all 189 occupants. This isn’t really “grifters gonna grift”, this is taking money from people who need it and instead using it to pay for Erika to roll around on the floor with a few scantily dressed men in the name of pop music.

Herein lies the problem with RHOBH. The cast has things going on in their lives, but their efforts to avoid showing actual reality are mind-blowing. However, Brandi Glanville now is on stand-by to come in and start stirring drama so this topic doesn’t come up. As for Erika this is a craptastic look, she’s about to have a very interesting journey. And Teresa Giudice is holding for her on line one.


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