Patricia Altschul Says She Said Nice Things About Craig Conover’s Pillow Line That Were Edited Out Of Southern Charm

SOUTHERN CHARM -- "In Sew Deep" Episode 605 -- Pictured: (l-r) Patricia Altschul, Craig Conover -- (Photo by: Brianna Stello/Bravo)

PILLOW FIGHT! No really. This is a pillow fight. In the midst of the blatant racism, grown men debating the merits of the bro-code, and a pandemic taking place on Southern Charm, this story has really stolen my heart.  What? You didn’t think the only ridiculous thing to come out of this season was Shep Rose’s book, did you?

Fan’s of the show will remember the home decor mudslinging from Patricia Altschul in Craig Conover’s direction this year. As soon as Craig made it onto HSN, the gloves came off. Who doesn’t love a fight between an elderly woman with a butler and a 30-something binge drinker???

The competition between these two became clear in an episode earlier this season. We watched Patricia and her son Whitney Sudler-Smith talk shit while Craig was plugging his pillows on the Home Shopping Network. In the episode confessional Patricia remarked, “I don’t consider Craig competition in any way, in any form. My pillows are unique and in the luxury category. Craig’s pillows are affordable.”

During the reunion Craig mentioned that he was “bummed” and “disappointed” to hear Patricia’s words. Then he felt the need to add, “Her pillows are sold for $20 on the internet. Our pillows are $58. HSN has purchased two more collections from us, and she’s a failure of a company.” SHOTS FIRED.


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Just like any respectable pillow fight in our millennia, this one made it’s way to the White House Twitter. Patricia has been seen defending herself, AND CRAIG, if you can believe it. One fan tweeted, “No good deed goes unpunished, you help Craig to get a life in business and he returned the favor in tonight’s reunion episode.” Patricia graciously replied and said, “In fairness to Craig I was a bit snarky but redeemed myself with praise…however that bit was edited out.”

Yes. She said it was edited out. In addition,  for those of you keeping score at home, her son is the executive producer of the show. Make it make sense.


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Another viewer tweeted, “So Craig is disrespectful but Patricia wasn’t disrespectful for trashing his endeavors? That’s some bullshit.” This time Patricia shot back, “They edited out the part where I said his pillows were charming and that I love Craig…..I said it again on [Watch What Happens Live]. he and I are fine now.”

I’m not sure that the word “charming” (in the tone I know Patricia used) is actually a compliment, but okay.


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[Photo Credit: Brianna Stello/Bravo]