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Gia Giudice Says Real Housewives “Didn’t Capture” Joe Giudice’s “Good Moments”; Sides With Teresa Giudice In Latest Joe Gorga Fight

Unlike other cities, the husbands on the Real Housewives Of New Jersey have always been as central to the storyline as the women themselves. The current house-husbands provide the best comic relief, particularly during their tea-spilling boys’ nights. However, no house-husband has caused more drama on RHONJ than Teresa Giudice’s ex Joe Giudice. 

Juicy Joe is just someone who fans love to hate. To be clear, he was a pretty terrible husband to Tre in my opinion. He got her thrown in jail, “allegedly” cheated on her all the time and never held back from putting her down on camera. Since their separation, both of them have found love with new people and are supporting each other better than they did when they lived on the same continent. And their alliance is causing tension between Teresa and Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga. 

During the most recent episode, Tre and Joey G. got into a fight that reminded everyone of the infamous Christening days. Melissa and Joe were upset with her for always taking Juicy’s side, even after they got divorced. Joe will defend his sister no matter what, and she doesn’t provide the same backup to them. Even when her ex continues to berate the two of them in the press. 

After last week’s episode, Teresa took to Instagram to post a family photo of her, Joe and the girls reunited in the Bahamas. In the caption, she doubled-down on taking her ex’s side, condemning her brother for blaming the death of their mother on Joe. Gia Giudice chimed into the comments to support her parents. And she made a comment about how her father was shown on reality TV. “They also play on the show what they want to air,” Gia commented, which was re-posted by All About The Real Housewives. “The show did not capture my fathers good moments. He’s not one to play an act.”


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Does Juicy have good moments? We’ve all seen his hot mic moment when he called his wife a “b*tch” seemingly to another woman on the phone. We can’t even count the times he’s attacked Joe and Melissa both on and off camera in an attempt to stay relevant.

He literally uprooted his family’s life as they knew it from some shady business deals and had Tre clean up the mess. Are the good moments when he’s doing the splits at parties? Or kickboxing in the garage? Or the moments he was palling around with Rosie Pierri back in the day? Because we did see those, they were just few and far between.


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We know Gia has a tendency to defend her parents’ bad behavior, but their family really is thick as thieves, so it’s not surprising. Apparently, except when it comes to the Gorgasthey’re on their own. 


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