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Melissa Gorga Says Joe Giudice Uses Her To Make Money From “Clickbait” Articles; Claims She’s “Happy To Help Him Make Money”

Bravolebrities are far from shy when it comes to cashing in on sponsored social media posts. When it comes to the Real Housewives Of New Jersey, the (totally lovable) husbands, kids, and wives have advertised sex toys to Cameo videos, and everything in between. You gotta respect the hustle – they might as well make the most out of their 15-minutes of fame. And they have to fund their glam squads and glamorous dinners somehow.

Even though Joe Giudice does not appear on RHONJ since he was deported from the U.S., he uses his Bravo status to make money off his huge following. Particularly, he’s guilty of posting click-bait captions related to the show alongside photos of vacationing with his kids and new girlfriend. 

And we know that Joe can’t resist talking about his family in the press, and he has a regular habit of trashing Melissa Gorga and his ex-brother-in-law Joe Gorga whenever he can. And even though MelGo threw a cheese plate in anger about the whole feud during this week’s episode, she recently revealed she doesn’t care that Juicy uses her name to make money online.

“I’m happy to help him make money, I really am,” Melissa said to Entertainment Tonight. “Link in bio. I am his clickbait. ‘Screw Melissa, I hate…’ … you’ll see on this episode, (Teresa Giudice’s) like, ‘Take his name out of your mouths.’ Really? Because I don’t care — ever — to bring him up.” Joe’s loved to dog Melissa since the raccoon-face days. He’s just found a new platform to do it since the cameras stopped rolling.


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Because Teresa is so one-sided about the fight, Joey G. gets pretty insulted.

Melissa said, “When he’s wrong, I tell him he’s wrong. But I feel his pain,” she said. And she’s totally right. Thanks to a new mid-season trailer, we see that Melissa and Joe’s relationship might be poisoned, and not the sexy kind.

Despite Melissa not caring about Tre’s ex, she had a few choice words to say about the decades-long fight between the Gorgas and the Giudices. Frankly, this is such a throwback to the Lake George family therapy session days, I’m living for it.

“Even when we’re backing (Teresa) up, and we’re taking (her) side, ‘You were the best and you deserve better,’ we’re still saying it wrong,” Melissa gripes about Tre’s stark defense of her ex. She’s right, Tre seems to lack the ability to ride-or-die for her brother like he always does for her. 


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“It’s that situation where, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” Melissa added. “Joe Giudice and Joe, obviously, those guys have never really gotten along from way before I was in the picture.” You can’t really blame Melissa for being done with defending her sister-in-law, especially after the Teresa vs. Jackie Goldschneider blowup that’s dominating the first half of Season 13. As Melissa said, Tre will just never be able to look past the “worst analogy ever” about Gia Giudice.

Even after last night’s blowup between Teresa and her brother, she posted a photo with Joe and the girls in the Bahamas, where he’s finally meeting her “soulmateLuis Ruelas. In the caption, Tre condemned her brother for blaming their mother’s death on her ex. She also seemingly reigniting the beef and doubling down on her allegiance with Juicy. All of this is happening right before the reunion films. So, it’s guaranteed to be as explosive as this whole season has been so far.


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Honestly, it’s sort of refreshing to watch RHONJ without cringing at Juicy Joe’s behavior towards his ex-wife. Tre is onto bigger and better things, like being in love love love with her boo Luis. Apparently, Juicy and the girls are big fans too. He’ll be making his TV debut soon, according to the midseason trailer.


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