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Teresa Giudice Condemns Joe Gorga For Blaming Mother’s Death On Joe Giudice

The most recent episode of the Real Housewives Of New Jersey brought us back to the good old days. Teresa Giudice got into a fight with Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga because she was defending her ex Joe Giudice. Yeah, the one who got her thrown in jail, “allegedly” cheated on her and put her down time and time again. Tre’s logic has never really made sense, as she always expects twice the amount of loyalty from her brother than she gives to them.

The episode brought us back to the Lake George family retreat days. Joe Gorga screamed and banged his fists on the table, blaming Juicy Joe for putting his mother in an early grave. Melissa threw a cheese plate out of anger towards Teresa, which she immediately cleaned up mid-fight. And Tre just sat there in shock. Except unlike the old days, they all were able to quickly make up. Thankfully, because we all know Joey would hate to see his sister fight with his wife to get back to the sprinkle cookies level ever again.

Despite making amends, Tre took to Instagram last night to continue to defend her ex. She posted a picture of the two of them with all their girls, as they’re all vacationing in the Bahamas. Including Tre’s new boo Luis “Louie” Ruelas, who Juicy is a big fan of, but he wasn’t in the family photo.

The caption reads, “Tonight’s episode is hard for my girls and I. Joe is the father to my children & even though we split I respect his relationship with my daughters so it’s hard for them to see my brother disparage him, for the sake of my daughters who have already been through so much loss. My mother adored Joe & that’s what my girls saw & remember. I hope from this point we can all move forward on a more positive note for the sake of our family.”


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So while Teresa seemed to be making improvements by somewhat apologizing to Jackie Golschneider and not egging Melissa on, she’s still Tre. The caption seems like a total blow at Joe Gorga’s feelings and shows that no matter what, Teresa will always take sides, even if they’re wrong.

Joe and Teresa’s daughters Gia Giudice, Audriana Giudice and Milania Giudice all liked the post, and their fourth Gabriella Giudice doesn’t have a public Instagram. Gia also commented that they “have each other’s back no matter what! People can say anything they want. We know the truth.” So despite Joey Gorga being her godfather, Gia is taking Teresa’s side.


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Outside of the girls, Dina Manzo, Jennifer Aydin and Frank Catania liked the post. So far, the Gorgas haven’t made any comments or statements about it. But they always have taken the high road with Teresa and let things go, so it’s not surprising.

It’s strange how Teresa is so hurt about her brother’s comments about her ex, but has remained mum as Juicy Joe has continued to attack the Gorgas in the press. Maybe that’s why Melissa said she’s done once and for all defending Teresa’s bad behavior, and who could blame her? It must be exhausting for Dolores Catania to be such a die-hard Tre Hugger when she makes so many bad decisions. But it’s undeniable that Tre is great for reality TV. 


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