Jackie Goldschneider Explains Why She Didn’t Reach Out To Gia Giudice Following Cocaine “Analogy”; Still Finds Reaction To Analogy “Confusing”

Whew. The analogy Jackie Goldschenider made about Gia Guidice is still causing drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. It was the most ill advised comment Jackie’s ever made on the show. What made her think it was a sensible idea to compare the cheating rumors about Evan Goldschneider to Gia possibly snorting cocaine? HOW DO YOU GO FROM THAT TO THAT? Do you even know who her mother is? We’re talking about Teresa Giudice.

We know that Gia was actually the first one to reach out following this mess. It’s crazy how the young girl in all of this is the one who is acting the most grown up. Analogy or not, it was intolerable. No excuse for Jackie going there and dragging children into this. It doesn’t matter how old Gia is, you don’t go there. The real question is WHY Jackie wouldn’t reach out herself to Gia.

In an interview with Access, Jackie said, “I didn’t feel like it was appropriate for me to like directly contact somebody’s kid, no matter how old they are. Yeah, she texted me, and I gave her exactly what she wanted, and then it was done.” The double standard in all of this is not lost. Does Jackie not recognize the hypocrisy in her own statements?

Jackie demanded Teresa speak to Evan herself and apologize. Teresa didn’t want to either. However, she acted like an adult and DID IT ANYWAY. Why couldn’t Jackie pick up the phone and issue a much needed apology to the young woman whose name she dragged into this? Jackie’s not innocent in this. She’s definitely swimming in the blame pool.


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Jackie continued, saying, “I will just say that there is a huge huge difference between an accusation and an analogy, and I think that’s why she was fine with it in the first place.” To an extent that’s true. However, NONE OF THAT makes bringing Gia into this acceptable. There’s nothing okay with what she did here. Jackie’s inability to recognize where she went wrong here is maddening. It’s probably why so many Tre huggers are after her online on a daily basis.

In the interview, Jackie was visibly uncomfortable continuing to discuss the analogy. She said, “The cast is all moved past it, and I’d like to stay past it.” Good for everyone for being able to move on because there was a point where it didn’t seem possible.


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Jackie’s smart for wanting this to blow over as quickly as possible. It’s in her best interest for her spot on the show to stay off Teresa’s bad side. We all know that because the show truly does revolve around Teresa.

The moment Teresa told Gia about the analogy was also brought up during the interview. Regarding that, Jackie stated, “It was also very confusing because in that phone call you saw that Teresa clearly knew it was an analogy, and that Gia totally was fine with it. I was very confused as to why all of the sudden everybody erupted. Whatever it is, we’ll see it at reunion.”


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Teresa is good at playing dumb. Call it what it is. There’s no way she was actually that confused about what happened in her fight with Jackie. However, once Jackie brought Gia into it, she gave Teresa a way to spin the narrative in her favor. Had Jackie not said the analogy, things might’ve gone much different this season.

The tease about the reunion is equal parts ominous and thrilling because it sounds explosive. Jersey always brings it when the time is right, and this reunion won’t be any different. Teresa’s at her best at the reunion which should make Jackie nervous. Jackie’s not afraid of Teresa though, so it’ll be riveting to watch. Only one of them can walk away having said the last word.


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