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Ramona Singer Believes Leah McSweeney Was Jealous Of Her “Immediate Connection” With Eboni K. Williams

Ramona Singer’s outlasted everyone to be the longest running Real Housewives of New York cast member. We don’t know how she did it, but she’s still going strong. Heading into her 13th season is no small feat. Not many Housewives can claim to have done the same. In the past, Ramona doesn’t vibe too well with the new faces of the group. It makes you wonder if Ramona is going to have the same apathy toward newbie Eboni Williams.

Eboni’s first season is upon us, and everyone’s waiting to see how she vibes with the other women. It’s only natural to assume Ramona won’t take kindly to another new woman in the group. She had quite a difficult time adjusting to Leah McSweeney’s explosive arrival last season. From what it looks like, Leah & Eboni probably have more in common. Surely, they’re going to bond quicker than Ramona could ever do with Eboni. Don’t be so sure about that.

In an interview with Access, Ramona revealed, “I have different special relationships with each and every one of these young ladies. What really surprised me the most was my immediate connection with Eboni. It just felt so natural, so right. She has commented upon it too.” Now, THAT is a shocker. Did anyone have Ramona becoming besties with the newbie on their 2021 Housewives Bingo card?

I hate to be that guy, but do we think Ramona made a calculated effort to be friends with Eboni? I wouldn’t put it past her to latch on to Eboni for the optics of the situation. She was dragged by so many viewers last season for her tone deaf views of the world, and perhaps she thinks this might help. Purely, my own speculation of course. Ramona might actually LOVE Eboni.

What stood out even more from the interview was Ramona saying, “I think Leah was a little jealous.” That’s a bold statement to make. Leah & Ramona don’t have the most solid relationship for Ramona to throw out accusations like that. Although, I can understand why she might think that.


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Leah came across as possibly the most progressive Housewife in RHONY history. She seemed like someone who would push for the powers that be to FINALLY cast a black woman in the Big Apple. New York is a diverse place, and it’s about damn time the show reflects that. The facade of it only being rich white women is finally thrown out the window. I just didn’t see Ramona being the one to lead the charge toward change.

While it might seem surprising to viewers, Ramona and Eboni evidently have quite a lot in common. Ramona said, “For me, I like the fact and related to the fact that we were both self made.We both came from kind of strange upbringings with our home life. e both put ourselves through college. We actually have the same body size. We actually kind of dress a little similar. Our heads are very aligned. Not to say we don’t have our conflict.”

It’s kind of nice to see Ramona have an unexpected ally this season. Ramona having someone else to turn to besides a certain frequently buzzed costar should make for great TV. It’s time to shake up the dynamic.


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The conflict between Eboni & Ramona likely emanates from Ramona using the phrase “the help”. In the trailer that was possibly the cringiest moment. She often says things about staff that come across privileged and offensive. Someone needs to take her to task for that behavior. Hopefully Eboni can explain to her how unacceptable it is.

In regards to the conflict Ramona said, “One thing I think people love about the RHONY show, that’s different than other franchises, we’re all really strong women, and we definitely have conflict like all the time. But we have resolution. We just keep it moving.”

You have the appreciate New York for moving on quickly from their wild fights. Some cities harp on the same topic (or the same person) for an entire season. Nobody wants to watch that. Give us fresh drama that wraps up in a timely manner. That’s the key to success in the world of Housewives.


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