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Real Housewives Of New York Season 13 Trailer: Ramona Singer Feuds With Eboni K. Williams, Leah McSweeney Calls Heather Thomson A “Karen”

After coronavirus outbreaks and major cast shake-ups, the Real Housewives of New York is returning to our TVs this spring. And while the girls won’t be wreaking havoc in the Berkshires with Dorinda Medley this year, the show will introduce its first Black housewife and feature a few ghosts of RHONY past.

On Tuesday, People premiered the first trailer for Season 13 and it truly encompasses everything we love about RHONY. Ramona Singer avoids responsibility at every turn. Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps argue about men. Everyone drinks a little too much. And even Leah McSweeney gets naked in a pool again. All is right in the world.

The newest housewife Eboni K. Williams entered a bang that is reminiscent of Leah‘s debut last year. She’s totally down for fun — drinking, getting into topless antics with the girls and teaching Sonja how to “tweak” (aka twerk). She’s previously said that the issue of race will be addressed this season. And in the trailer, we already see some of that come to head, especially when it comes to her interactions with RamonaShocker (not)!

“I’m not Toni Morrison in this bitch, I can’t be teaching y’all everything,” Eboni proclaims.

At one point, Eboni tells Ramona that it’s triggering to refer to the people who work for her as “the help,” which she totally shrugs off. Again, no surprises here. It only goes downhill in another scene where Ramona accuses Eboni of “preaching” to her.


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“That’s gaslighting,” Eboni told Ramona. Of course, she threw it back at her “You’re gaslighting ME.” Ramona, do you even know what gaslighting means?

Eboni definitely gets into some drama with Luann as well, of course, about table etiquette. Once a countess, always a countess. Lu’s is hosting a dinner party, where Heather Thomson makes a return. At one point, Eboni proclaims that she’s the most educated person at the table.

“Don’t come into my house and tell me I don’t have an education,” the countess said in her signature deep voice. Lu also has a new boo this season, Garth Wakeford, her trailer. He actually seems like a respectful and nice guy, and it seems to make Sonja mad (read: jealous) throughout the season.

Sonja’s jealousy is just a fraction of her emotional distress she seems to go through this upcoming season. We see the toaster oven queen get accused by Ramona (again) of drinking too much, which ends in a blow-up. At one point, producers seem to be trying to break into a hotel room she’s in, which ends with her punching the glass of a fire extinguisher in the hallway while people attempt to restrain her.


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“I just feel like checked the f–k out,” Sonja says. Apparently quarantining for weeks at a wellness spa isn’t a cure-all for Miss Morgan’s problems. But she seems to get back on track — in one scene Sonja is seemingly boxing at Leah‘s gym (hopefully that means coach Martin Snow is back).

Speaking of Leah, she has a couple of blow-up moments in the trailer, including going after Heather.

“Why do you have to be in everyone’s business like a Karen,” Leah screamed at Holla Heather. Yikes.

Even though Leah is sober this season, she’s still back to her old tricks. We see her grinding on a shirtless man, taking off her top by a pool, and yelling at everyone in sight.

“You’re a f–king ho, you’re a ho, you’re a ho,” she says to all of her castmates. “Biggest hoes ever.”


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And like I said, Dorinda‘s Berkshires mansion is truly missed already. The girls instead go to Salem, Massachusetts and get into some witchy business, but it just isn’t the same. For one, there’s not a shark room ANYWHERE.

Oh, and I guess Bershan Shaw isn’t a full-time housewife. We knew she was going to be on the show in some capacity, but she only briefly makes a few appearances in the teaser. We’ll just have to wait and see how involved in the drama she really is this season.

The thirteenth season of Real Housewives of New York premieres May 4 at 9 p.m. on Bravo. Watch the trailer below.

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