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Ramona Singer Explains Why She Said “The Help” On Upcoming Real Housewives Of New York Season; Hints That Eboni K. Williams Has Issues With Luann de Lesseps

We’re less than a week away from a brand new season of the Real Housewives of New York and the excitement cannot be contained. Eboni K. Williams will be joining the ladies as the first Black RHONY housewife, and she’s coming in hot. From her already amazing tagline to the upcoming feud with Ramona Singer as seen in the Season 13 trailer, it seems like Eboni is prepping for quite the grand entrance.

Ramona is currently in Turks and Caicos filming a Real Housewives All-Stars vacation series with women from other shows. And still finding time to throw shade at Bethenny Frankel. While it’s unclear if Ramona will yet again be shocked by a surprise appearance of Jill Zarin on a vacation, she’s definitely probably feuding with the ladies over a room situation. And rumor has it she’s already fighting with Kenya Moore, but is anyone really surprised?

Like I was saying, RHONY is returning and the hype is real. Ramona recently spoke to Us Weekly about the upcoming season, and what she thinks of newbie Eboni. “She has a very strong personality. There’s a lot of similarities between us. We both are self-made, we both put ourselves through college. We both speak our mind,” she said. And despite the tension between them, that’s been teased in the trailer, Ramona says she “meshed with her immediately.” “She and I were both surprised how well we just clicked,” Ramona added.

Let’s be honest — Eboni is likely Ramona’s first friend who is Black, at least that’s what Eboni has insinuated. And it’s not her responsibility to be Ramona’s personal teacher on race, even though we know it’ll be a big topic. But Ramona says it’s about time for the show to get a Black housewife. “New York is a melting pot. I think it was the perfect time to bring her in,” Ramona said. Alright, where was this energy throughout the previous 12 seasons, Miss Singer?


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In the trailer, we saw Eboni get uncomfortable with Ramona referring to people who work for her as “the help.” But Ramona “clarified” aka “apologized” the statement in her interview. “What I said was, ‘I can’t remember the names of the people who help me’ … I don’t have a staff. I have people who help me,” Ramona said. “We had a conversation about it, and she liked the fact that I was opening to listening and open to learning, which I always am.” I have to pause here to spit out my drink at Ramona considering herself a good listener. She’s lying through her new $80k teeth. “She’s opened my eyes to a lot of different things and I’m happy for that because I love learning.”

Ramona added that Eboni can “get a little tough” teasing that Eboni not only gets into it with her but Luann de Lesseps as well. “But that’s OK. I can take your tough,” Ramona said. “I’m not going to welcome you just to welcome you. I have to like you.” Sound like Ramona is trying to get Eboni to be Best Girlfriend Number 51. But that’ll be up to Eboni to decide that.


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