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Summer House Star Luke Gulbranson Says Hannah Berner Never Apologized For Making Fun Of His Suicidal Ideations; Hannah Says She Said Sorry To Luke And His Mom Last Year

As we inch closer and closer to Memorial Day weekend, that means it’s almost time for Summer House to start filming its next season. Last year, we saw the Good Vibe Tribe WFH (Work From the Hamptons) during the coronavirus pandemic. Six weeks together in one house filled with almost as much tension as there were cases of LoverBoy, thanks to Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula. And a new, improved and even more lovable Carl Radke.

The center of the controversy this year, aside from Lindsay Hubbard’s outbursts about sandwiches and rumors about Luke Gulbranson, was Miss Hannah Berner. And Hannah had quite a year. She has a new fiancé Des Bishop, who looks like the older version of Kyle.  But that didn’t mean she didn’t feel like Luke was playing her while they were in the house. And the entire mess culminated in an explosive reunion with endings of friendships and plenty of tears.

Hannah truly made it hard to root for her last season, unless you’re as loyal of a friend as Paige DeSorbo. And it didn’t help that around the time of the reunion, an old podcast episode of her making fun of Luke’s mental health resurfaced, which was very uncool. Hannah apologized in a lengthy Instagram post, without mentioning Luke. But she didn’t name him in the original podcast. She also shocked fans by announcing she’s not returning to Summer House this season, which means no fake wedding for her and Des anytime soon. At least, not on camera.

But back to the Luke drama. He wasn’t exactly innocent this season either, with his attempts at breaking the fourth wall. It’s clear the two are a bit toxic together, which is even more evident in a recent statement Luke made to All About The RHHannah didn’t apologize to me,” Luke said. “She made a statement about herself.”


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Hannah gave her rebuttal in another lengthy Instagram comment responding to a fan, which @bravobravoduckingbravo captured on Instagram. She begins her comment by saying, “I’ve donated over $50k to mental health organizations in the last 3 years.”

Then, she touches on Luke’s recent comment. “I apologized to Luke and his mom over a year ago for this. I hadn’t used his name and it was before he was on summer house when it aired. It was a bad joke about how single I was and how I was feeling emotionally manipulated by a man who was using me and confusing me for months. I’m a human and I’m sorry for making fun of suicide ideation,” Hannah wrote. It’s clear that again she’s not apologizing directly to Luke and still doubling down that he was using her last summer. She needs to own it and move on with her comedy career, and stop making an icky situation even worse.


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