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Eboni K. Williams Says “There Should Be More Empathy” For Sonja Morgan And They Have A “Very Deep And Powerful Connection”

Sonja Morgan has been on the Real Housewives of New York since Season 3.  In that time, we’ve come to know the quirky, sexy, funny, and kind-hearted woman in her own right.  But somehow her decade old divorce still haunts her, and not just because she mourns the family unit that she had.  Sonja enjoyed the prestige and distinction of marrying into one of the most powerful families in the world, and it can’t be easy to live as a mere mortal again.

Of course us viewers can empathize to a point, but it’s been eight seasons of meltdowns.  It’s always the same.  Sonja will become triggered by something Morgan, then have a total breakdown.  Alcohol saturation doesn’t help matters.  And because it’s been so long, viewers have watched as RHONY alums were inaugurated into this bizarre cycle.  Last season, it was Leah McSweeney drunkenly raging at Sonja to change her last name.  This time it’s Eboni K. Williams turn to react.

Eboni was indoctrinated in last week’s episode wherein Sonja drank all day, heard Eboni discussing a rival bank’s competitive rates, then went full on Morgan-triggered.  It was so volatile that producers are making viewers wait until the next episode to see the conclusion of it.

Since the filming of this episode, Eboni and Sonja deepened their friendship, off camera as well.  And putting aside the initial shock of seeing Sonja in this state, Eboni is speaking positively for her friend now. Eboni recently joined host Justin Sylvester for the Just the Sip podcast.  She revealed how the group dynamic will play out by the end of the season.  “Especially Sonja Morgan and I, we forge a very deep and powerful connection,” Eboni said.

Sonja does come with a lot of emotional baggage though.  And it’s labeled Morgan.  Host Justin and Eboni both understand why Sonja can’t seem to let go of her old life.


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“It’s identity,” Eboni explained, “we should all still have some empathy for that.  As newer friends of Sonja’s, Leah and I, we have, frankly, more tolerance for her being kind of stuck on the Sonja Morgan loop. We are still trying to encourage her. The best years of Sonja Morgan’s life are not behind her. In the name of whatever, we are moving forward, my dear, because there is such beauty ahead for Sonja and we really work to get her to see that this season.”

It sounds like this season will go in a more positive and uplifting direction for Sonja.  Goodness knows she needs it, because what was unfolding at that dinner was somewhat heartbreaking.  Add to it the fact that Sonja seems stuck in this cycle of regret and nostalgia for far too long.


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Eboni speaks about redirecting Sonja’s energy for a new phase of her life.  She suggests some new focus or passion. “I think those women all really loved the lives that they lived when they were married and raising their kids,” Eboni opined, “I think that’s the reality, so I think it’s been difficult for them to find that same level of purpose, happiness, and productivity in this stage of their life. But, what I’m happy to say is that all of them have it and that it’s just a matter of them recognizing it and leaning into this beautiful aspect of their life as well.”

Eboni is promising to be a fantastic addition to this group.  She’s just bringing a lot of positive vibes mixed with just the right amount of rationality.  And it will be interesting to see how she handles  Sonja’s outbursts, and how their friendship evolves from there.


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