Real Housewives Of New York Recap: An Intoxicating Love Affair With The Past

It feels so good to have our girls from The Big Apple back. This season of The Real Housewives of New York is already off to a great start. Eboni K. Williams has been an incredible addition so far. After Ramona Singer’s comment about “the help” on last week’s episode, Eboni plans on confronting her. Good for Eboni for taking it upon herself to hold that woman accountable. Between her and Leah McSweeney, we might see a change in Ramona this season.

Hopefully the women can get through to Sonja Morgan and learn what’s troubling her. She’s felt distant from everyone this season, and she seems on the verge of spiraling. Ramona & Luann de Lesseps wants to learn the root of the distance, but Sonja isn’t spilling. This trip could be their way in to learn what’s actually going on in her head. The last thing anyone wants is a full fledged spiral from Sonja. Fingers crossed things start to change.

Eboni K. Williams Real Housewives Of New York

Sonja tells Ramona she was impressed with the way Eboni handled their group. They’re a lot to take in, so that’s no easy feat. Eboni shared her deepest feelings with the group rather quickly.

Eboni left the party early, but for some reason only Leah followed up with her. The other three couldn’t be bothered which says a lot about them. Ramona was hosting the event, so it was kind of on her to check in on Eboni.

Luann calls out Eboni for skipping out on the party without saying goodbye. It was so much for Eboni to process because of things that took place earlier in the day. Ramona referring to her staff as the help was quite triggering to Eboni. Luann keeps trying to give Ramona a pass, but she needs to be called the f**k out for her problematic behavior.

The terminology of “the help” is unacceptable, and Eboni plans on bringing it up to her. In order for them to move forward in their friendship, this is a discussion that needs to take place. Ramona is the least self aware person on the planet (sans Kelly Dodd), so this will likely fall on deaf ears.

Once Ramona sees what Leah’s wearing for the day, she asks her to change. The animal print is apparently too much for Ramona to take in. She’s not Leah’s f**king mother. She goes out of her way to scold her at every turn. Why is she so bothered by Leah? Is she threatened by her? What’s the real issue?

Sonja scoffs at Luann referring to herself as Luann when meeting the driver. Time has changed a lot with Luann. She’s had the most character development of any of these women over the years. This version of Luann is nothing like the one introduced to us so many years ago. The ego is still alive and well though!

Sonja’s annoyed at Luann’s mentality when she’s bringing up Garth Wakeford. Is it just me or is Sonja always somewhat jealous of Luann and her men? That’s the vibe I get whenever this happens.

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

Luann being newly sober and at the winery is tempting fate a bit too early. Leah thinks it’s counterproductive for Luann to be in this environment at this state in her sobriety. I still think this entire thing is a ploy to sell her new faux wine.

At the winery, Eboni tells Ramona the “help” comment was triggered to her. With her grandmother’s past, there’s quite a derogatory meaning behind that saying. Even though Ramona may not have meant it in the way it came across, she still needs to understand why it’s not acceptable.

Ramona loves that Eboni explained to her why that phrasing of “the help” isn’t okay. I still can’t fully make out the motives behind this quick friendship between Ramona & Eboni. I want to believe Ramona when she says it was a fast connection with Eboni. However, Ramona seems like the type of person who’d befriend Eboni right away for the optics of it all.

Ramona tells everyone about taking a test and learning she had COVID-19 antibodies. Sonja immediately calls her out and accuses her of making up the story. Leah & Luann also call bulls**t on it as well. Leah isn’t planning on letting this go anytime soon. She thinks Ramona should admit she never donated her plasma, so they can move on.

Clearly, Ramona is lying through her teeth, but she will never fully admit to having lied. She was dragged by EVERYONE throughout the early days of the pandemic for her reckless actions. This feels like a way to divert the negative attention after all of the scrutiny.

Sonja thinks Ramona should admit she lied about this, and Leah also continues to call her a liar. Things started out so well between Ramona & Leah on this trip. What happened? It’s like one step forward and eight steps back for this duo. They can’t seem to remain on the same page for too long.

Walking away from the drama isn’t going to do anything but give Ramona a temporary reprieve. Eventually she’s going to have to face Leah again. This is far from over.

Leah flips out on all of the women for not backing her up at the table. What does she want them to do? This isn’t their fight. Leah chose to bring this up at the table and create an entire issue at it. Eboni doesn’t appreciate being attacked about that and says Leah’s approach isn’t the correct way.

Ramona feels constantly attacked by Leah. Regardless of how it looks, she continues to says she’s not guilty. Even though all of the evidence points to her being guilty, she will NEVER admit it.

Sonja Morgan Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

There’s a time and a place for everything, and I do think she baits Ramona all of the time. For some reason she wants to provoke a fight with her whenever they’re in a room. Choose your battles wisely Leah.

A random man at the winery compliments Sonja about her amazing body. After last season and her struggling with some weight gain, that’s probably great to hear. We love to see it!

Ramona tells Eboni she appreciates her getting her point across without being aggressive. There’s a huge difference in Leah & Eboni’s approach. Leah could stand to be a little less confrontational. Learning when and where to cause a scene is a skill she should maybe pick up.

For some reason Sonja is suddenly VERY wasted following the winery. It didn’t seem like she drank too much, but she’s highly intoxicated. She’s targeting Luann over her new man Garth for no reason. Is she jealous? Not everyone wants to spend a decade going on and on about their failed marriage.

They’re trying to go into a store, but Sonja can barely walk. This is so embarrassing. I would never want to be out and about in a store with someone that visibly drunk. It’s actually really sad to watch.

Leah has Ramona worked up about Heather Thomson’s impending arrival. I don’t get why they’d want to spend time with Heather. She clearly doesn’t actually like any of the women. She bashes them in the press for no apparent reason.

All this is going to do is lead to a showdown between Heather & Leah. I’m entirely Team Leah because she’s actually showing loyalty for the other women. She has no desire to spend time with a woman who has nothing better to do than trash everyone.

Sonja keeps bringing up Garth for some reason. Despite of this, Luann is spoiling Sonja at the store and is buying her clothing. She’s drinking more than she should, but Luann is keeping calm so far. Someone is going to snap on Sonja though if she doesn’t cool it a bit.

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

All of the women are in the bar having a great time, but Luann is outside smoking. Being in this environment is clearly triggering to her on some level. It’s too much. It’s all far too overwhelming.

Eboni tells everyone she’s not used to being around a group of white women like this. She also owns up to leaving the party early. I really like her. She’s fitting in great with the group so far. It felt like a natural fit.

Leah questions Luann for drinking the fake wine because she thinks it’s hurting her. She thinks it might be keeping her attached to the vice. She might be overstepping with this one. It feels hypocritical when she’s sitting there at the bar with a mocktail over her own. Just leave her alone.

Sonja’s nearing the danger zone with her drinking, so Ramona cuts her off. She’s going through so much, but the drinking is sending her over the edge. This isn’t going to end well. Ramona’s trying to be a decent friend to Sonja, but it’s almost a lost cause at this point.

Leah decides to pull up everything Heather’s said about everyone in the group. Sonja & Luann are shocked to learn everything she said about them in the press. Instead of telling her not to come anymore, Luann wants to let her have it when she arrives. The women are basically laying a trap for Heather. I LIVE FOR THIS.

Sonja freaks out at the dinner table when the group starts talking about Garth again. Why is she acting so erratic? She hates that he picks up on the first ring. There’s no apparent reason for her to lose her s**t over Garth. If he makes Luann happy, that’s all that should matter.

Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

Sonja starts rambling about actual nonsense that makes no sense. She shouts about how she raised millions for AIDS?! That’s honestly so sad to watch. Leah remarks that we’ve reached the sad part of drinking where it’s not fun anymore. Sad and embarrassing are definitely the two words that come to mind.

Ramona tells Sonja to stop with the drinking, but she’s not listening. Ramona remarks that banking at Wells Fargo is better than Chase which is highly offensive to Sonja because of her former family. She takes the situation and escalates it to a level I’ve never seen before.

Honey, you’re not in that inner circle anymore. Please let this go. This is way too reminiscent of the “Morgan Letters” incident a few years ago. Her visceral reactions are too insane for this setting.

Sonja tells Ramona to shut the f**k up and SHOVES HER. WOAH. Sonja has crossed over into a terrifying territory this time. I want the best for her, but something has to change.


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