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The vibe on Season 5 of Real Housewives of Potomac bordered on hostile after the fight between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard occurred.  The cast dynamic could never be the same because of it.  Candiace pursued legal charges after Monique pulled her hair and pinned her face to the table.  Assault charges were dropped, but the effects lingered within the group.  There was even division in the group about whether Candiace should or shouldn’t have pressed charges.  Ashley Darby wrote a letter supporting Monique’s case.

But that’s just what happened on camera.  Monique and Candiace interacted on social media, by proxy of friends and supporters, and this intensified the ill-feelings between the two.  Monique started rewriting history by claiming Candiace hit her with the glass first.  Her general tone was deflection and lack of remorse, and this is what offended with the rest of the RHOP cast the most.

Robyn Dixon confirmed that sentiment when she and Gizelle Bryant joined the hosts of The Breakfast Club last week.  They discussed the fight and its aftermath, as well as what to expect in the sixth season. Host Angie Martinez asked, “what did you think about that last season?  Because people were saying that was like one of the best seasons for housewives, but it was a lot of drama.”

Robyn explained how social media use exacerbated the situation.  “It turned ugly for no reason,” she said, “and it was unfortunate because I feel like it was…There was a lot of manipulation on social media that took place that really affected the show more so than any other show.  So it, like, you had the show.  And you had social media.  And social media is what made it even worse.”

It was Monique’s attitude after the fight that Robyn took offense to.  Had she shown more humility and remorse, the rest of the season may have played out differently.  Robyn opined, “I feel like, if we had just gotten through the show without the distraction of social media and everyone kinda trying to victimize themselves and change the stories a little bit.  Then we would be in a better place.”


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Gizelle weighed in with a different perspective.  “I think it was toxic,” she said, “I think that there’s no reason for us black women to be fighting, physical fighting, violence on TV.  I think if you want to fight somebody, fine, take her outside when cameras are down.  That was hard to live through from a show’s perspective cuz it wasn’t just a fight between those two people.”

So Gizelle is ok with physical altercations, so long as they aren’t filmed?  Well it’s not like none of these ladies have never fought, but it’s never been taken to this level before.  Verbal discord is certainly a part of Real Housewives appeal.

He asked a follow up question.  “Did you want her off the show after she pulled her hair? Was it too much physical? Cuz we’ve seen shows and sometimes you throw a drink….” DJ Envy asked.

Gizelle responded that it was, “way worse than all of that.”


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Robyn added, “people lose their cool, you make mistakes.  If we could have moved forward from it, like the next day, and people took ownership of what happened and not lie and run to social media and tell a wrong story and have people being bullied on social media.  That’s where it got ugly for me.  But if the incident happened and then the next day, people apologized and moved forward.  Cool.”

Monique made it to the reunion, so it didn’t seem like Bravo was going to get rid of her.  She claimed to have quit based on unfair treatment Robyn and Gizelle still don’t know for sure but suspect that she, “left on her own merit.”  “We don’t know.  We don’t hire, we don’t fire,” Gizelle added.

Neither  of the ladies speak to her either.  It was clear that no one supported Monique except Karen Huger and Ashley and Robyn suspects that she may still have contact with Karen.


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Gizelle added, “I always feel like, let’s do whatever’s best for the show. Right? And so people always ask me, did you want her gone?  No, I just want what’s best for the show.  whatever that means.  If her being around is best, cool.  if her being gone is best, then that’s cool too.  But she’s gone y’all.  She’s gone.”

Robyn denies wanting to see Monique fired, but questioned whether she could have maintained civility within the group.  She said, “and one thing, I will never try to stop someone’s bag.  I will never try to get someone fired or say they don’t need to be here.  That’s not my job.  But, right, what’s best for the show.  Can we all coexist?  Can we make a good show and coexist?”

With the addition of Mia Thornton for Season 6, there’s a chance to start fresh and revisit friendships and dynamics.  The anticipation is building.


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