Gizelle Bryant Unfollowed Wendy Osefo Because She’s “Not Interesting”; Gizelle Says Wendy Doesn’t Have Tough Skin

The Real Housewives of Potomac is truly one of the best cities in the franchise. The women continue to bring it every season, and they’re only just headed into Season 6. Karen Huger is a bonafide OG who can throw shade and entertain like the best of them. Green-eyed bandits Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon always entertain, even if they’re both guilty of stirring the pot. Ashley Darby has been incredibly open about her journey to motherhood and marriage to shady-ass Michael Darby. The fight between Candiace Dillard-Bassett and Monique Samuels will go down in history, no matter what side your own. If you’re not watching Potomac at this point, you’re likely the dizziest bitch at the table and tacky as hell, to put it in the words of the great Grand Dame herself.

Season 6 of RHOP is headed upon us this summer, and it’s bound to be filled with drama. The first trailer shows that CandeeGal will get into another fight. But instead of throwing fists, she’s throwing salads with newbie Mia Thornton, who apparently has the La Dame stamp of approval. Wendy Osefo will battle cheating and side baby rumors about Eddie Osefo, which he vehemently denies. Gizzy stirs the pot, Ashley deals with having a new baby with Creepy Mikey Darby and Karen screams about her pubic hair. We really couldn’t ask for more from these ladies, they’re a gift to the television world.

Gizzy finds herself in the crossfires with Wendy after bringing up the rumors about Eddie. Meanwhile, she’s dealing with an unsteady relationship with Jamal Bryant and fighting to the death with Karen, so she’s in prime condition to start some drama. Gizelle recently appeared on The Breakfast Club radio show to talk about her feud with Wendy. Particularly, she spilled the tea about why she decided to unfollow Wendy on Instagram in the first place.

“I did unfollow her,” Gizelle admitted, which is captured in a clip by @rhoaxrhop on Instagram. One of the hosts asked who Wendy was, and Gizelle started throwing daggers. “Wendy is one of our newer ladies. How can we describe her? That’s why I unfollowed her because she’s not that interesting.” The SHADE.


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Then, Gizzy was asked about the argument teased with Wendy with four degrees in the newest trailer, which literally gave me goosebumps it’s so good. “We’re gonna let that play out because there were a lot of things she thought I did that I did not do,” Gizelle explained.

Gizelle continued, “And the reason she thought I did it was because, typically, I do do shady things and I own it. And I’m just here to let everyone live in their truth, so let’s just talk about it. It was really out of concern.” Something tells me Gizelle was probably 50/50 when it came to concern for Wendy and wanting to bring up the murmurs happening on the streets of Potomac. At least she’s doing her job as a housewife, love her or hate her.


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She continued to explain that she was trying to make sure Wendy was OK dealing with the social media comments regarding her marriage. “Are you able to handle everything that goes on and everything that comes along with being on a reality television stage? It’s not for the faint of heart, it’s very difficult. You really have to have tough skin and that was where I was coming from. And she didn’t believe me,” Gizelle said. I’ll have to see this play out to form a real opinion, but I don’t blame Wendy for blowing up at anybody bringing up nasty rumors about her marriage. And Gizelle of all people should know that considering her past with Pastor “Lives In The Phone” Jamal.


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