Dorit Kemsley Thinks Garcelle Beauvais Is The Least Authentic On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

What is it with the Real Housewives and their quest for authenticity?  Reality shows are hardly unscripted and organic so what are we trying to accomplish here?  Sure you can ignore the producers and be your charming, amicable, housewife self, but will you get hired for another season that way?  It will be a bittersweet termination from the job, because at least you will have your self-respect.  But something tells me that self-respect and success in show business don’t necessarily intersect.

Even more so in the hub of it all, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  This show has professional actresses on the cast.  Yet they really expect each other to stop the facade?  Of course everyone is playing a part for the show, actress or not.  Garcelle Beauvais, especially, has been demanding authenticity from her cast mates, specifically Lisa Rinna.  It’s spillover drama from last season when Lisa, according to Garcelle, was not a true friend to Denise Richards.  After Brandi Glanville revealed a sexual relationship with Denise, Lisa pushed Denise to corroborate the story.  Denise continued to deny, and Garcelle still feels Lisa is untrustworthy for not being a more supportive and understanding friend.

Now, with a passive aggressive tagline that targets all her cast mates, Dorit Kemsley is ready to call Garcelle out on her authenticity.  The Access host asked Dorit, “Garcelle recently said that everyone is acting this season.  What do you thin?  Is everyone acting?  Or were people being authentic?”

Dorit suggested that Garcelle may have a different perspective on what kind of content housewives should bring to the show. “I know that everyone is being authentic,” Dorit said, “if she thinks that, I think maybe she has an idea of the show that doesn’t really exist. And I worry because this is about our real lives. You’ve got to be yourself. And if you’re not, you’re gonna get called out on it. It’s gonna show”


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So what is authenticity on a reality show?  Is it bringing cameras into your home and making breakfast for your kids?    Is it being amicable at all times?  Garcelle could define her terms more specifically if she really wanted to make a case for the rest of the cast.  Rinna is getting the focus, and arguably, it’s warranted, especially since Garcelle is good friends with Denise too.

Dorit got a dig in when asked, “who is acting a bit too much? Who deserves an Academy Award [and is] not being too authentic?”

“Can I pass? Can I let you watch and see?” Dorit said at first.  Then a less diplomatic response of, “Garcelle, for me.”


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It’s so early in the season, but the groundwork has been laid.  And the drama is coming.  Garcelle just informed Rinna that she still does not feel comfortable in her presence, despite the apology.  Let’s see where this goes.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]