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Below Deck Sailing Yacht Star Alli Dore Dishes On Breakup With Gary King

Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers were teased with a hookup between Gary King and Alli Dore for most of the season at this point.  They clearly liked each other, but Gary’s hookup with a member of his deck team on the first crew night spelled out the trajectory of his love life for the rest of the season.  At first, Alli thought he and Sydney Zaruba had only made out.  That’s what Sydney told the crew initially.  Maybe it was a way to save face after Gary lost interest so quickly, but after it became clear that Gary and Alli were getting close, Sydney revealed the full extent of what happened in a well timed slip of the tongue.

To her credit, Alli put the breaks on Gary out of respect to Sydney.  So a “relationship” ended before it started.  It was more the potential of a romance than anything.  But considering Gary’s temper tantrums, maybe Alli dodged a bullet.  He couldn’t wait for Alli a week when the charter season ended?  Not only that, he kept trying to break her resolve.  Then he goes back to flirting with Sydney in retaliation.  Yes, Alli truly dodged a bullet.

Alli spoke about ending things with Gary on a podcast she does with the rest of the Parsifal III interior crew.  The weekly Pita Party brings Alli, chief stew Daisy Kelliher, and second stew Dani Soares together to give the tea on the most recent episode.

RealityBlurb transcribed the most recent podcast where Alli confessed the relationship with Gary didn’t feel, “right.”  “Obviously the break up with Gary was the ‘break up,'” she continued, “I reference it as the breakup — but we weren’t actually together — but that’s what production kept referencing it as, so it kind of rolls of the tongue now. When we ended our situation, like, we really liked each other. That was something that was not easy for me. I felt sick doing it.”

Alli stuck to her convictions, in a very selfless way.  She didn’t feel happy to shut Gary down, but was more concerned about Sydney’s feelings and her own self-respect.
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Alli explained, “I felt like I had no choice. I couldn’t continue to act on something that I didn’t feel was right.  I didn’t want to be hurting another person, but I didn’t actually expect him to get as upset as he did.”

Thanks to editing, viewers didn’t get the full extent of the fallout.  Gary reacted very strongly, which made it harder for Alli to see him the next day.  “That conversation between him and I was cut a little bit short,” Alli explained, “there was a little bit more to it and he did get quite upset. And that was the hardest thing in the world was having to wake up the next day and work together. I mean, we’re not working in the same department, but I’m seeing him every time he walks past. Normally I was like, ‘this sucks.’ It was so awkward. It was not fun… definitely not fun.”


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It’s unfortunate that Alli didn’t get the same empathy from Sydney and Gary.  At the very next opportunity, the two were flirting during dinner and even are seen getting into the hot tub together on next week’s episode.  Sydney admitted she felt vindicated to be getting cozy with Gary again, and Alli will react in a very explosive manner.
This love triangle clearly left some unresolved feelings that will come up during the season reunion.  It will be really interesting to see how Gary, Sydney, and Alli will react to each other then.


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