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Heather Thomson Says Leah Was Different When Cameras Were On; Calls Leah “Vulgar”

Ever since Leah McSweeney joined the cast of Real Housewives of New York, she’s been a polarizing figure. Some fans applaud her for breathing life into an aging franchise. Others find her checkered past and brash demeanor a strike against the vibe of the show.

I’m still on the fence about Leah when it comes to being a housewife in general. I think her constant sparring and getting under the skin of castmate Ramona Singer is enjoyable. Because who doesn’t love to see Ramona squirm. But it’s her back and forth on being a New York tough girl versus a vulnerable innocent that has me confused. Sure, she can be both, but I never know what I’m going to get and I wish she would be a little more consistent. If you’re going to be a badass, don’t be upset when your castmates come from you.

One such person who is coming for Leah may not be a current cast member but she’s a former and she’s no stranger to bringing the drama. Heather Thomson recently appeared on the show, where she was invited along to the Hamptons to…..I guess stir up trouble. No one really came up with any real reason for her to be there. And start trouble she did. The RHONY girls were quick to jump on her for talking smack about them all on her podcast. But that fire was fueled by none other than Leah, who was busy telling anyone who would listen what Heather was saying about them.

Now Heather is firing back, telling Us Weekly, that Leah was playing a game for the cameras. According to Heather, “We’d be talking and then the camera would go on and it would be a different scenario. I think there’s a line that gets crossed.”


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She continued on a more diplomatic note, “I am very much about individuality and letting people be who they are. I say it on the show, exposing one’s body, that kind of talk empowers some people. Some people being buttoned up and a little bit more polite, someone would say empowers other people. I’m not going to judge that.”

While Heather claims to not have a personal problem with Leah’s behavior, she points out that it might not be the best look for Leah as a mother. She admitted, “I would say it was uncomfortable for me being a mother. Where she crossed a line [is] saying what a man’s worth is. That crossed the line for me on so many levels because I would never diminish a man to that. I was offended on different levels. My kid’s faces, like, flashed in front of me sitting at that table.” I’m surprised that this is what Heather would choose to get offended over, especially when she was just busy saying that she doesn’t judge Leah for being who she is.


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But Heather isn’t done being contradictory. She goes on to say that she found Leah “vulgar” and complained, “It’s just not what I talk about. I swear like a sailor, I have a potty mouth. I say the f word all the time. … I’m not offended by that type [of] talk. I don’t think people should be. However … when I’m in mixed company, I try to judge the crowd, so to speak. I think if you’re making someone uncomfortable, maybe you can pivot. But also that person that you’re making uncomfortable also could try to pivot. There’s always cooperation to be had. There’s always a way to meet in the middle.” Meet in the middle for these women? How is that even possible?

But Heather knew going into it that Leah might be trouble. She revealed about Leah reading headlines off to the ladies before Heather arrived, “She only read the headlines. No one at that table actually listened to the podcast. So I knew she was going to gun for me. I was given a heads-up … from one of the other women on the show.” Not surprising at all.

Despite Heather also being a polarizing housewife, I gotta admit that I’m impressed she knowingly and willingly walked into the lion’s den of that dinner. Then again, she may be looking to hold an apple again. And if any housewife can hold her own against Leah, it’s Heather.


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