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Leah McSweeney Says Heather Thomson Is “Disingenuous”; Leah Denies Being Reason Heather Left Early From Real Housewives Of New York Season 13

The Real Housewives of New York are truly having a season unlike any other, and fans are split on whether that’s a good or a bad thing. Eboni K. Williams joined the cast as the first Black cast member and is ready to school anyone, namely Ramona Singer and Luann de Lesseps, who could use a lesson or twoLeah McSweeney is back for a second, and 100 times more sober, season and it’s been a rough one for her. Meanwhile, the ladies are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic without getaways to Dorinda Medley’s house in the Berkshires. But hey, at least Mama Heather Thomson made a quick return to pay homage to the good old days.

Holla Heather’s time as a friend-of on RHONY this season was cut short, and she’s pointing the finger at Leah. Leah has shown she’s not down to play fake nice with someone who she says “slut-shamed” her co-stars and accused them of doing hard drugs. Heather claims she was assaulted by the “queen bee” of RHONY, who she insinuates is Leah. But truthfully if we’re picking a queen bee of the show this season, it’s Sonja Morgan’s poodle Marley for sure.

Leah and Heather have been going back and forth in the press even prior to the premiere of Season 13. And leading up to Tuesday’s explosive episode, Leah had some things to get off her chest about Heather via a lengthy Instagram story to correct “a narrative” that’s emerged that’s made her “not comfortable.” And @bravobybetches on Instagram has the screenshots to share. “Heather was unable to forge natural connections with any of the women and that is why she discontinued filming,” Leah wrote. It’s definitely a different tune than Mona’s stance, which is that Leah is the one jealous of Mama Heather’s years-long friendships with the OGs.

Leah continues by saying Heather’s comments in recent weeks “bear no resemblance to reality.” We’ll have to wait and see how the big feud goes down in the Hamptons after Leah calls Heather a Karen to make our own assumptions. “I took issue with her in the beginning because I’m not a fan of disingenuous people. She says one thing to the press and another to people’s faces,” Leah said, adding that she has never told a lie about Heather.


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Leah goes on to talk about the personal issues she was dealing with on the trip. She says that the loss of her grandmother caused her to act out. “Heather was well aware of this and acknowledged it. I apologized to everyone for being aggressive and squashed it, including with Heather,” Leah added.

She continued, “To now have her out in the press spinning lies about me while openly attacking my mental health and sobriety journey and falsely accusing me of assault is wrong, dangerous, inappropriate and a sad attempt to save face simply because she couldn’t hang/cut it on the show.” She continues that fans are going to see the truth in the coming episodes and acknowledges that it was a tough time to film last season because there was “a lot of heaviness in the air and yet we did it and in our own way.”


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And Leah threw a dig at Heather, saying that the historic issues addressed this season are “far more important than trying to keep Heather relevant.” It’s clear Leah and Heather will never be friends, but this whole feud seems to be blown out of proportion. Leah says that Heather proved her point with her act of “[defaming] women to life herself up.”

Truthfully, this entire lengthy post is exhaustive. It’s not like it’s the first time that RHONY ladies have gotten into heated arguments. And Leah’s being a bit hypocritical by proclaiming there’s too much attention on her feud with Heather while continuing to respond to statements she makes about her. The RHONY ladies are better than stooping down to petty nonsense and it’s time for them all to show it.


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