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Heather Thomson “Wasn’t Really Impressed” With Leah McSweeney; Explains Why She Stopped Filming Real Housewives Of New York

It was a brief return to Real Housewives of New York for “Mama” Heather Thomson. In fact, in the trailer for Season 13 of RHONY, sophomore Housewife Leah McSweeney screamed at Heather, “Why do you have to be in everyone’s business like a Karen?” Welcome back, Heather! Holla!

When Heather arrived at Ramona Singer’s house in the Hamptons, she had no idea that Leah had riled up her former co-stars against her. First, Heather was given the dreaded “lower level.” Leah didn’t appreciate the way that Heather discussed her former RHONY co-stars in the press.

At Ramona’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s dinner party, Leah confronted Heather about comments that she had made on her In My Heart podcast. Heather mentioned that when she was with Luann de Lesseps during a cast trip to St. Barts, that “stronger drugs came out.” Heather said that her comment was spun in the press.

Leah accused Heather of “slut-shaming” and shaming women for having plastic surgery. Heather slammed Leah in return. “I get assaulted this season. People were interested in putting me down, dragging me down and showing me who is the queen bee,” she stated.

Even Ramona was afraid to defend Heather because she didn’t want to get on Leah’s bad side. Leah was dealing with the impending death of her grandmother, but her screaming and emotional breakdowns were a lot to handle.


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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Heather spilled the tea on why she quit filming. “I couldn’t go back full time, I talked to Bravo execs about that, so a ‘friend of’ the show sounded really great,” Heather said. She explained, “I get 24 hours in the day, just like you do and just like everybody else does. When it came to deciding how I wanted to spend that 24 hour after that weekend, it was pretty easy for me to decide it wasn’t with the girls.” I wonder why?

Heather was surprised when her comments on her podcast were “taken totally out of context.” Sure, Heather. She continued, “I didn’t think that I was going to escape drama. I was ready to say my piece and talk about some of the things I felt with Luann and Ramona and Sonja [Morgan], and really lean into meeting the new girls and letting those relationships naturally occur.”

Heather also talked about the upcoming scene where Leah called her “a Karen.” Yikes! The RHONY alum commented, “Well, there’s a lot of projection going on in that scene, in my opinion, just generally speaking, that weekend,” she stated.


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Heather’s feud with Leah is “definitely a factor” in whether she would be willing to be part of the franchise again. Heather said of Leah, “I wasn’t really impressed to be honest. I didn’t know about any of her issues that I know about now, or the things that she’s been trying to overcome and struggle with,” she remarked. “I wish her the best on, on that journey.”

The former RHONY cast member continued, “I felt very unfulfilled, and I felt like this is not really a good use of my time. That’s really what I was left feeling. And nobody else made me feel that way,” she added.

But Heather also said that she would “never close the door on opportunity.” So, maybe viewers will see Heather on the show again.


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