Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Breakfast At Ramona’s

SHE IS FINALLY BACK. Heather “Hey Mama” Thomson is making her grand return. With Heather, you either love her or hate her. There is no in between. She has A LOT to own up to after speaking negatively in the press about her former costars. Leah McSweeney will make sure of that. The Real Housewives of New York may have been wild when Heather was previously in the group. However, their antics are on an entirely new level since she exited the show. Good luck!

When we last saw Sonja Morgan, she was in a full alcohol induced spiral. Her obsession with her former family is becoming more unhealthy every season. The attachment is misplaced and is doing her quite a bit of harm. She even shoved her bestie Ramona Singer! Ramona is a lot of things, but she doesn’t deserve someone putting their hands on her. Something has to come to a head with her. Will she ever get on a better path? Let’s hope so.

Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

We pick right up with Sonja’s restaurant meltdown, and it’s so disheartening to watch. Ramona asks Sonja why she’s so concerned with JP Morgan anymore when it’s not her family anymore. FACTS THOUGH. Let it go honey.

Sonja screams at Ramona saying she has Mario Singer to rely on. Does she rely on Mario to get by in life? I’m not sure that’s the cast whatsoever. Also, Ramona doesn’t go on and on about Mario constantly the way Sonja does about her ex. It’s nauseating for her to continue on this tired out tirade.

Sonja should stop screaming that she has a family and a solid financial future. None of that is true. She’s back in the townhouse because nobody will rent it, and her clothing line went to total s**t. As far as the family goes, at this point they’re probably embarrassed by Sonja. How many seasons are we going to watch her sad decline? Enough is enough.

Outside, Luann de Lesseps opens up to Ramona about how it brings her sadness to be around Sonja like that. It’s too painful for her. She’s too early in this sober journey. It also brings her back to the dark rabbit hole she went down herself. The worst thing of all is how she know Sonja will only seek help when she wants it. Sad, but true.

Ramona knows she cannot be rational with Sonja when she’s in this state. We are firmly placed in the deep end of the crazy pool. It’s A LOT. Poor Eboni K. Williams is getting a shell shocking introduction to how insane this group gets. You haven’t seen anything yet. They can get much worse. It makes her sad to watch this play out. It makes all of us feel that way.

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

Things with Leah’s grandmother are rapidly deteriorating. It’s not looking great. Leah’s family is trying to maintain hope, but it’s obvious what direction this is going in. I totally understand, and my heart breaks for her.

Eboni’s going through the same thing right now, and her grandmother has no quality of life. It’s basically a feeding tube type thing keeping her alive at this point. Her mother wants to consult Eboni about what to do. That has to be one of the hardest decisions to have to make. Eboni wants NOOO part of that. She hopes her grandmother might get better, but I don’t think it’s happening.

Ramona tries to make sense of the previous night when talking to Sonja in the morning. Sonja will never grasp that it’s not her family anymore. Where Eboni gets her mortgage is not going to change Sonja’s family’s future. Stop with all of that. The real issue is her unhealthy attachment to a lifestyle she no longer leads.

There’s a lot bubbling beneath the surface with Sonja. She’s basically all alone. That’s what she’s so triggered by Luann’s relationship with Garth Wakeford. That appears to be the root of the meltdown. Everything at the dinner went to total s**t once Luann was on the phone with him. Sonja couldn’t handle seeing her friend actually have someone while she has nobody.

Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Breakfast At Ramona’s

Ramona’s planning an Audrey Hepburn inspired event for the women. It’s meant to be the opposite of Leah’s Burning Man party. Considering how different Leah & Ramona are, I’d expect nothing less.

While Ramona discusses something with Luann, Leah walks in and gets shut down by Ramona. She doesn’t want to hear what she has to say. She wants her completely out of the room while she continues to speak to Luann. I understand wanting your privacy, but she pretty rude about her delivery. That’s typical Ramona though.

Given Leah’s mental state right now, something little like that triggers her in a big way. She needs a welcome embrace, but that’s not what Ramona gave her. Ramona gave her the cold shoulder and iced her out of that room.

Leah asks one of Ramona’s staff members how she can work for Ramona when she’s such a bitch. WELL DAMN. Tell us how you really feel. Please don’t hold back.

Leah notices Ramona’s chumming it up with Eboni and loses her mind. She calls Ramona a bitch and a psychopath and makes an entire scene. I cannot believe I’m on Ramona’s side here, but I am. She was able to speak with Eboni because her conversation with Luann is over. It’s that simple. There’s no reason to rage on everyone for something so minuscule.

Thankfully Garth arrives and breaks the tension in the group. Sonja waving at him at the top of the stairs is so funny after how much she trashed him. Why is she being so nasty about Garth? So rude. So nasty. Bitter is not Sonja’s color.

Luann thinks a workout with Garth will do these women wonders. Everyone in the group thinks he’s hot, so kudos to Luann. I don’t fully understand the appeal, but as long as Lu is happy!

Can we take a second to admire how incredible Luann looks? It’s like she’s aged backwards over her tenure on the show. Her and Ramona both defy the laws of aging.

Luann thinks Sonja is jealous of Garth and her cabaret career. You’ve got to be kidding me. Why does everything always come back to that damn cabaret? I don’t want to call Luann a sicko, but damnnnnn.

Leah’s decided to take a vow of silence until the dinner party. There’s no way the group is going to be upset by this development. They’ll probably welcome the newfound silence and lack of screaming. Oh no. Such a shame. Someone break out the world’s smallest violin for Leah and her bruised ego.

Sonja Morgan Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Okay maybe I was wrong. Leah’s vow of silence is already confusing Ramona. It might be worth it. It’s so fun to watch Ramona get all worked up and frazzled.

Sonja needs to chill on the Garth s**t. It’s driving me up the f**king wall. LET IT GO. Get off her jock. Do something. There’s no reason to constantly give Luann a hard time whenever Garth is mentioned.

Luann tells Sonja she’s tired of her bull. She makes it clear to her that Tom D’Agostino was NEVER her guy. He had sex with her one night, and that’s it. Alright, we’re being a bit too harsh to her right now. I want Sonja to lay off, but Luann’s going in a little hard by saying Sonja has a little brain.

Leah can’t speak, but she thinks Luann is being too hard on Sonja. Eboni agrees and confronts Luann about her actions toward Sonja. Luann is TEARING Sonja apart, and Eboni’s efforts were unheard. Luann doesn’t want to let this go. Well, at least she tried.

Sonja feels like Luann dropped out of her life when Garth came into her life. Isn’t Sonja the one who disappeared from all of her friends recently? These women are pumped full of hypocrisy.

Luann doesn’t want to fight with Sonja anymore, so they make up rather quickly. Eboni finds it bizarre how easily they make up about going so hard at each other. None of it will ever make sense. It’s just as perplexing to those who’ve watched for years.

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

Ramona takes all of the women to an oyster farm which is very on brand for her. The way she sucks back those oysters is on a master class level. It looks disgusting though when you see them on this farm. Ramona never know it looked like that, and neither did I! GROSS is an understatement.

Everyone succeeds at shucking the oysters except for Ramona. It’s funny to watch though. She’s so unintentionally hilarious.

The vow of silence doesn’t last long, and Leah is already speaking. Unfortunately for everyone else, she has A LOT to say. She has thoughts and feelings, but she isn’t going to express them. Oh okay.

She is however nervous about interacting with Heather. She doesn’t want Heather showing up and talking about Eboni and herself. Luckily she’s being banished to the lower level. Well deserved if you ask me. You don’t go bashing these women in the press and then show up like you never said a word. I want to hear her OWN IT and explain herself. PERIOD.

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Heather shows up, and Sonja is NOT about her whatsoever. She refuses to help her do her hair and just walks away. Heather has no idea what she’s in for with this trip. These women (namely Leah) are going to rip her to shreds at this dinner. HOLLA!

Sonja doesn’t want to be drunk around Heather in case it gets twisted into something else. Who wants to be around someone like that? If you have to be afraid to be yourself around someone, that person is not your friend.


Ramona refuses to let the women receive the shots prepared for them. She doesn’t think many can handle their alcohol, so she saves them for herself. OKAY THEN.

HOLY F**K. HEATHER ONLY LAUNCHED HER PODCAST THREE WEEKS BEFORE THIS DINNER. SHE BASHED THEM ALL ONLY WEEKS BEFORE SHOWING UP HERE. I didn’t realize it was so fresh. This is going to be cringe. That makes it so much worse.

Leah asks Heather about her podcast which leads Luann to say she’s already been on it. Heather’s trying to deny saying anything about Luann doing hard drugs. She’s saying it was something blown out of proportion in the press. That’s not true at all. I listened to the entire podcast the day it came out, and that’s a total f**king lie. If Heather can’t sit there and own her comments, she needs to show herself the damn door.

Heather realizes she’s in the lion’s den. Leah’s sitting there reading everything Heather said, and it makes her look HORRIBLE. Luann calls Carole Radziwill a bitch when she learns that’s who the guest is. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH COUNTESS.

Despite how awful she looks in the moment, Heather stands by everything she said. Um okay. This feels like Heather is being so fake right now by trying to claim like it was the media’s fault. She said what she said. I heard it. I CAN’T WITH THE FAKERY.

The topic at the table turns to sex which boils Ramona’s blood. Leah knows what she’s doing though. She’s doing whatever she can to provoke Ramona. Let’s call it what it is. Ramona leaves the room talking about how she has elegance and class still. Do you now? Not in this group.


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