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Leah McSweeney Accuses Heather Thomson Of Planting Stories About Leah Bullying Her In The Press; Leah Claims Heather “Says The Nastiest Things” About Real Housewives Stars

The Real Housewives of New York are back and the world feels right again. The premiere gave us everything we love about the girls. Sonja Morgan talked to her intern about her vagina. Luann de Lesseps and Ramona Singer giggled about Lu living near Tom D’agostino. Leah McSweeney clowned Ramona’s Instagram posts. And Eboni K. Williams made her break-out debut as RHONY’s first Black cast member. A new era has begun, and it looks like it’ll be a wild ride. 

We know there is bound to be some incoming drama between Leah and Holla Heather Thomson. In the trailer, Leah is screaming at Mama H, calling her a Karen. They’ve gone back and forth ahead of the RHONY premiere, with Leah accusing Heather of slut-shaming and Heather saying she was “assaulted” by the “Queen Bee” of RHONY. To be fair, Leah’s still a rookie, not exactly Queen material.

Leah was recently interviewed by Eboni for ET Online, where the newbie asked Leah about her feud with Heather. “Oh god, are we going there? Ok. You mean word on the street she planted a story about it?” Leah responded.

Eboni asked her to elaborate without spoiling the season. Leah was mainly dumbfounded that Heather, who she claims puts “down every woman in the group” on her podcast, would even want to hang out with the group. “And I’m wondering if I’m gonna be the next person you talk about on your podcast,” Leah continued. “And I’m also thinking, what are the ulterior motives for you to come hang out with us when you’ve literally said the nastiest things about each person? You don’t like Sonja’s new face. You accuse Luann of doing some really bad stuff. I just don’t understand what you’re doing here.”


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While Leah might be going over the top, she has a point. Holla Heather has made some serious accusations and statements about some of the ladies. It is odd that she would come back considering her history with the remaining RHONY ladies. Maybe that’s why she was only interested in being a friend-of. 

Leah added that she believes Heather underestimated the group dynamic but didn’t elaborate on how. Even though Leah is sober and no longer getting “naked wasted” in the terms of Tamra Judge, she still has that firey personality within her. And the need to run around with her RHONY friends with her boobs out. All she’s missing is her partner-in-crime Tinsley Mortimer, at least for now. And based on the season preview, she’s not afraid to let out her feelings, whether it’s good or bad. It might not be the best, but it will make for entertaining TV.


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