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Kyle Richards Says Kim Richards Won’t Be On The Current Season Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

If you’ve been watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, you know who the breakout star is. I’m talking about Kathy Hilton. While the rumors about her being a full time housewife proved to be untrue, she has certainly made her mark on the show.

Not only is she quirky and funny, but she adds an interesting dynamic filming with sister Kyle Richards. Whether you’re Team Kyle or not, you have to admit that Kathy makes Kyle slightly more likable. Despite having some bad blood between them in the past, they seemed to have patched that up nicely. So they are getting along for now. But what about the other famous Richards sister?

I’m obviously talking about Kim Richards. Since leaving the show, she’s made some cameos here and there and fans have long been speculating if she will come back or not. Well, turns out she won’t, at least not for this season.

Kyle recently told Digital Spy that Kim didn’t film any scenes for this season. She teased, “She did not [but] you never know [about next year].” Kyle also added about a future sister reunion,”I think that’s highly likely. I mean, the fans have really said that [they want all three sisters together] over, and over, and over. My sister [Kim] was really uncomfortable.”


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Turns out that coronavirus was the culprit here. According to Kyle, “We were filming during COVID and getting tested, and all that. She was very nervous. She, like, didn’t even leave her house. She was one of those people that just didn’t leave their home, they were so scared.” She continued, “There was that, and then of course, we got [COVID] and she was like, ‘See, nevermind’. I think next year, or God willing, we’ll see what happens going forward, but I think that’s very likely.”

So good news for all you Kimmie fans! You really can’t blame Kim for not wanting to film during a pandemic. But I can imagine it might also be a weird dynamic being with both your sisters that you have had issues with. What would the dynamics be? Would Kyle continue to treat Kim like shit, like she always does? Would Big Kath step in and defend Kim? Who knows but here’s hoping we get our answer next season.


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