Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: The Liberation Of Erika Jayne

No more dodging. No more evading. Erika Jayne is at a critical point on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Everyone wants to know what led to the divorce between she and Tom Girardi. The real scandals haven’t been exposed yet on the show, but it’s coming. It’s only a matter of time between everything starts to unravel. In the trailer Sutton Stracke is holding her feet to the fire, but still anyone else.

Speaking of Sutton, is her issue with Crystal Kung Minkoff ever going to be dropped? How long can they carry on this feud? Crystal felt violated by Sutton on the trip, but things seemingly got better. Is that not going to last? The more you talk about things the worse it gets. These two are looking to learn that the hard way this season. Going around and around about their differences is only going to end in more chaotic drama.

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Erika’s dramatic entrance at Sutton’s party is unmatched cinematic gold. This is a version of Erika ready to speak out. A version ready to spill ALL of the tea.

Erika apologizes to Sutton for not bringing a gift. That’s not a worry though. Erika’s arrival is the gift. She’s giving them endless gossip and fodder for their petty imaginations. You’re welcome.

Garcelle Beauvais finds it odd how Erika is acting so nonchalant. This is Erika, so what else were you expecting? Erika’s not going to tell you how terrible her life is. However, we might get more from her this time than we typically do.

Kyle Richards compares Dorit Kemsley to a sister she squabbles with. It’s not that deep. They do need to find time to discuss their issues and get back on the same page.

Lisa Rinna isn’t sure if Erika will open up, but she wants to give her the space to do so. It’s now or never for Erika because she’s in front of EVERYONE. The entire group is here. Do it.

Erika can’t take it anymore and says they need to discuss the elephant in the room. She says her life drastically changed this week and she let go of a large chunk of her life. She left because Tom pushed her further and further away. He stopped speaking to her the way he used to. She would walk around the house knowing the marriage was coming to an end.

Erika didn’t tell anyone in the group about her issues because she didn’t want them to keep it secret. However, she won’t go too in detail because Tom excels in the legal department. He would easily be able to use anything she says against her. It feels like it didn’t come lightly for her.

Their marriage was never a conventional type of relationship. She was never able to open up about her feelings to that man. Her entire life could’ve been taken away in a snap. She had to portray an image of perfection to the public.

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Erika admits she filed for divorce on Election Day because she wanted it to get buried. WELL THAT ISN’T EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. This divorce is hot gossip for everyone just about every single day. This is far from over.

Erika alludes that something will be “coming for” her in this. Is she talking about the scandals that she and Tom are now embroiled in? She’s dropping hints left and right about the gravity of the situation.

She says she never say the marriage ending this way. Erika would’ve held that man’s hand until the day he died. Whatever plan she had mapped out for her future is over.

Erika says any of the women are welcome to visit her new rental home. It’s crazy hearing how she was only able to take two chairs and a sofa from her house with Tom. Her life has drastically changed because of this divorce. Things will never be the same again.

Kyle & Dorit step away from the group to have a much needed conversation about their fight. Dorit says it’s not the first time they’ve been down this path. Cutting her off every single time she speaks is not what a good friend will do.

They both agree to be cognizant of the other’s triggers. Perhaps things will get better between the two. They seem to be chummy outside of filming, so they shouldn’t let anything get in between that. Real friends are hard to find. You should never lose them.

It wasn’t difficult to Erika to leave her home because she was the third wife to live that. It was never hers. That house was Tom’s and Tom’s alone. Hearing this from Erika directly makes you wonder how cold and lonely living there was. Sure, she had endless material items. Does that really make up for an empty life though?

Dorit thinks the way Sutton handled the naked incident with Crystal was inappropriate. It was creepy. Crystal was violated. Sutton’s intentions don’t change Crystal’s feelings. She’s allowed to feel how the f**k she wants to feel.

Kyle doesn’t like the implications of Crystal saying she was violated. She feels like it sounds a lot more sinister than it was. Sutton probably did not have an ill intentions when she entered the room and found Crystal naked. However, the weird comments she made after seeing her is what made it creepy. It’s not okay. How hard is that to accept?

Garcelle Beauvais Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Garcelle meets with a dating coach to assist in finding her dream man. Nothing has happened in her dating life, and she’s ready for the one. Garcelle’s looking for her husband at this stage in her life. She’s not going to settle for anything less.

Garcelle discusses the qualities in the man she’s looking for. She wants kind, loving, loyal, monogamous, sweet, sexy, and not too hung. We love this list. Good luck finding someone who’s going to check every single box though. It’s difficult to find EVERYTHING.

Garcelle’s a highly independent woman, and she won’t stop furthering her career. She has to take every opportunity and do well for herself. She won’t relinquish her power to a man that might not have her back. Letting go is a difficult decision to make. Ideally she’d love to get to that point, but it’s going to be a hard road.

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Mikey Minden drops by Erika’s new place to help her put the rooms together. It’s great to have a friend that will be there to help you in the darkest of times. He is her person.

Erika’s new home is drastically smaller than her old pad. Everything about her life has changed in the aftermath of leaving Tom. Going through this divorce is a pivotal moment in this woman’s life. Erika is not going to leave this the same person. There’s no way. Kudos to her though for actually speaking about this. Many figured she wouldn’t.

Mikey is going out of his way to make Erika feel positive about this. She has so much stuff, but he’s determined to make it work. I don’t care what anyone says. That’s a real f**king friend. PERIOD.

Erika says one time she was late for a dinner with Tom and an associate of him. Because she was late the man said “if you were married to a better man, traffic would be no problem. Tom responded by saying, “if you think you can afford her, you can have her.” HOLY SHIT. What kind of GROSS ASS thing is that to say to Erika? Who does that to her wife?

Erika always wanted to appear grateful, but there’s only so much someone can take. She says all of her material items are great, but at what human cost is that worth it? This feels like an Erika that we’ve never seen before. This is a version that I think people have been clamoring to witness for years. You wanted her to open up about her life. This is it. Take it all in.

Sutton Stracke Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kyle dragged Sutton to get a mammogram because she’s never had one before. That’s so dangerous. Thank goodness Kyle actually cares about her friends and only wants them to be healthy. She knows what it’s like to lose someone to that, so she was coming from a good place.

Sutton’s anxiety was through the roof because of how it might feel. However, she knows what it feels like. Luckily, there’s nothing wrong with Sutton! This is great to hear.

After the appointment, Kyle asks Sutton how she and Crystal left things in Lake Tahoe. Sutton’s shocked to hear how violated Crystal felt when she brought the coat to her. Sutton insists it was an innocent moment. That could very well be true.

Crystal told Sutton in Tahoe she wasn’t going to bring it up to the other women. Why is she going back on that? What purpose does that serve? Crystal seems fake as f**k to have conversations with everyone about Sutton after clearing the air. That’s now how you make friends in this group.

Lisa Rinna Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Lisa’s lip line is getting close to launch. Her lips are pop culture legends, so this should be a great seller. It’s completely foreign territory, but she’s a hustler that can get s**t done.

While getting drinks Erika tells Lisa she’s never felt this vulnerable. She almost floated the idea of doing a trial separation, but she knew it was over. Once things were set in motion, it was going to be the end.

Erika never gave Tom a heads up that she was going to leave. She drove him to work and told him she loved him, and he said thanks. Tom sounds like the one who is truly the coldest. Erika immediately went home and put things in a moving van and went to her new place. Tom was served the next morning.

Erika isn’t playing games with Tom when it comes to this. She’s bracing for the worst with this divorce. She also says that he has a lot ahead of him. Obviously she knew SOMETHING. I’m not sure what the extent is, but she knew something was happening.

Can you blame her for wanting to get out before that mess strikes though? I’m not so sure that I can. That’s unpopular, but it’s the opinion I have in this present moment.

Obviously that could evolve or change as the season progresses. However, I’m not going to rush into a snap judgement of her because of a Hulu documentary with less than credible judges of character. Hard pass on Dana Wilkey or Danielle Staub being the moral compass guiding me. Thanks though.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Crystal’s cousins come over for a visit to make dumplings for the women. None of the women have ever made them, so this should be a treat. Watching any of these ladies attempt to make something like that sounds like a true treat.

Kyle gave Erika THC infused oil that she used on her vagina and clitoris. Holy f**k. Single Erika is actually THE MOMENT. I think this side of Erika is low key epic.

Sutton tells Crystal she didn’t live up to her promise of keeping the naked incident secret. However, all of the women keep asking her about it, so she responded. That’s sort of a valid answer, but it’s a cop out. Crystal could choose not to address it if she wanted to. They decided to drop it again.

Sutton & Crystal do however agree to share the moment with the other women, so they can dead it. Everyone must stop talking about it, but Sutton decides to attack Crystal in front of everyone. She believes saying she was violated is highly defamatory. What just happened? Can we agree that both of these women are wrong? One is shady as hell and the other is bats**t crazy. I’m over them both.

Dorit chimes in about it, but both Sutton and Garcelle don’t understand why she’s involved. It really doesn’t make sense as to why she’d be interjecting. Garcelle doesn’t think the words Crystal’s coming at Sutton with are appropriate.

Crystal wants to move forward, but something tells me this will get worse before it gets better. Things are far from over between these two. It’s easy to pretend to move on, but you can’t sustain the fakery.

Erika once again says there is a lot the ladies still don’t know about what’s going on. She can’t hide forever. Everything in the dark comes to light. There is no escape.


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