Kim Richards’ Tell-All Book Appears To Have Release Date After Being Cut By Publisher

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies like to celebrate authenticity. The cast applauds the act of “owning it”, “saying your truth“, and being “open and honest“. Quite frankly the damn show basically features actual saints who live by the mantras of their own creation. So it was really sad when suddenly, out of nowhere, alum Kim Richards’ tell-all book was taken out of production.

Because, let’s face it, Kim has some truth to tell but it might be safe to say others don’t want to hear it. Others like, oh, I don’t know, her sister Kyle Richards. Kim’s resurgence of fame was courtesy of RHOBH and her subsequent humiliation courtesy of her sibling. As a child actor in the 70’s and 80’s, Kim endured things that you only read about in horrific blind items. Kim told her story in a memoir, but the deal mysteriously disappeared like Erika Jayne’s dignity. Now Kyle might want to duck and cover, because the book deal is back on and Kim’s truth will set her free.

Kim did some shitty things during her time on RHOBH, full stop. But hindsight is 20/20 and anyone who can provoke Lisa Rinna to do a neck lunge is legend material. Kim’s main storyline was her battle with substance abuse. She developed a dependency on alcohol and drugs that could have manifested from being thrown into Hollywood society and adult situations at a young age so her mother could live vicariously through her fame.

Kim had a life before reality television and it was a doozy. There was murder, famous people and drugs, having a kid with a billionaire, and all of the personal struggles that came with it. There is no doubt Kim has an interesting story and in 2019, she confirmed a book about her life was in progress. In March 2021, after essentially dropping off the radar, it seemed the book was shelved by the publishing company. Luckily Kim would keep her $300k advance for the story she never got to tell. Until now


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Amazon Prime celebrators, rejoice! Kim’s book is back on the roster with an epic description. Someone might want to check on Kyle. Instagram account Bravosnarkside pulled the receipts and shared the blessed news. Kim’s book is being offered on Amazon for the low low price of $27.99 and will be released October 15. Fun Fact: Kim’s PR person is a genius because the 2nd annual BravoCon begins on October 15. But the description of the book is my favorite part.

“I’ve come to learn that holding onto secrets is like holding your breath. Finally, I feel strong enough to speak my truth. I am unafraid and unapologetic. I am ready.” KIM IS READY, Y’ALL. Kyle, you ready? Here’s more, “The soul-baring confession of a woman revealing what it was like to be treated like a show pony as a child star, as a disposable object as a wife, a whipping post as a sister, and as a tabloid commodity as a celebrity.” Excuse me, I must go ahead and pre-order this bitch because it is going to be a. ma. zing.


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Kim isn’t everyone’s fave, but I remember this woman from back in the day because I am old af. She worked her ass off constantly, she was everywhere. When Kim joined RHOBH, it wasn’t a celebration of her former achievements, it was a magnification of the consequences she suffered as a result of them. Perhaps this book will close some wounds for Kim, but it might open some sores for Kyle people who are afraid of the truth they covet so much.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]