Katie Flood Says She Still Loves Jack Stirrup From Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4

It’s a small professional field in yachting.  It’s also a small dating pool too apparently.  Only a fellow yachtie will understand living and working in the industry, the fickle nature of it all and the lack of stability.  Most Below Deck alums that have found successful relationships have also reverted back to land life.  Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier is a prime example, as well as Amy Johnson, and Aesha Scott.

There are few natural loves that us Below Deck fans are aware of.  Perhaps only Captain Lee Rosbach and his “bride” is the only successful love story in this industry.  Otherwise, these folks either avoided love, or were left heartbroken.  Now, one pairing that fizzled out after Season 4 is coming up again because of the above-mentioned limited dating pool.

As it turns out, two former lovers both ended up working under Captain Sandy Yawn.  Chief Stew Katie Flood dated Season 4 deck hand Jack Stirrup.  Not only have they dated, but her face adorns his arm in a strategically placed tattoo.

Aesha didn’t seem to mind the tattoo when she briefly connected with Jack on Season 4.  And Katie confirmed to Us Weekly that he still has it.   “He does,” she said, “I know a lot of his girlfriends often aren’t the biggest fans of that.  He says he’ll always keep it.”

Katie admitted to being surprised that Jack appeared on the show, and she did not watch his season at first.  She explained, “I didn’t watch his season for a long time. When I found out he was doing Below Deck, I was kind of like, ‘Oh, what are you doing?’ You know, because he’s actually an engineer by trade. He’s not a deckhand. Which obviously comes across in the series.”


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“When I did finally, like, watch the series, I really loved it,” Katie continued, “it’s exactly him to a tee, like it’s super goofy, super charming, you know? He just does what he wants to do. That’s Jack. So, it was really nice to see that he was exactly how he is in normal life.”

It’s nice to know that Jack was authentically himself, and it did come through that he and Aesha had an attraction while onboard together.  Land life, of course, took its tole in the end and both parties moved on.  Katie, “didn’t really know” about the romance until she spoke to Jack after filming wrapped.

Katie said, “I think I asked him when he finished filming. We chat very randomly. We have a good relationship now and I was curious.  I just wanted, like, the gossip and I was like, ‘Okay, what did you do? Who did you hook up with?’ So he told me about Aesha and stuff like that. I did know he was with somebody before the show, but I didn’t know the extent of their relationship and sort of what happened after. It’s their business. It’s not mine.”


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After it came out that Jack had rekindled a land romance with girlfriend Kelly Hidge, Aesha made the interview rounds to share her perspective on what happened.

In September 2019 Aesha said, “we left the boat, and then he was like, ‘Oh, I really want you to come to London with me and meet my family.’ But then he’s like, ‘Don’t book a ticket ’til I’ve gone to this wedding, because we’ve got family staying, and it’s really busy, and I don’t know what date we’ll have a room for, but still come.”

Jack responded by saying, “to be honest, when I got home, I just thought it was a bit of a forced situation, and it wasn’t reality. I thought about it all and called it a day.”  He and his girlfriend welcomed a son in April 2020.


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For her part, Aesha started dating Scotty Dobbo and embraced life on land in America.  She has remained friends with Jack, thanks to an intervention with their former crew member Travis Michalzik.  Jack certainly seems to keep in good contact with his exes, but Katie may be open for something more.

Katie admitted, “I don’t know. Like people always ask me this question because everyone says I always speak so highly of him and that I still love him. I honestly, like, I do love the kid. I always will.  He was that one really deep love. … I don’t know if we could ever be together again. I have so much love for that kid and like, he is such a big part of my life and like he’ll always be in my heart.”

It seems like Katie is focused on memories from the past.  Jack’s life is now on land with a small child.  But Katie is open to anything, “we always have a good time together. It will always be a laugh. But you never know. I haven’t seen Jack now in like a year and a half, maybe two years. But it was always nice. We do get along really well, so whatever happens, happens.”


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