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Lisa Barlow Explains Why Cult Rumors About Mary Cosby’s Church Come Up Next Season On Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

Get out your fur coats and snow boots — the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are coming back in a little over a week. The crew is ready for their sophomore season which is already hyped up, thanks to Jen Shah’s arrest and allegations she was a major player in a long-running telemarketing scheme that targeted elderly folks. Outside of that, the trailer promises a whole lot of tension. Meredith Marks seems to be engaging more than ever. “Love you baby, bye,” is my new favorite phrase. And Mary Cosby found her way out of her closet to appear in some group scenes.

Mary is quite the character. She hasn’t been one of Jen’s most favorite people and seemingly has beef with Heather Gay this upcoming season. She’s married to her step-grandpa, fell asleep at her first reunion, and is headed into the second season while facing some legal trouble of her own. Outside of that, the trailer shows Mary will have to continue to battle rumors that the church she’s the first lady of is a cult.


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In the trailer, we see Lisa Barlow speaking with a friend who claims the church is a “cult” and says that Mary allegedly “calls herself God.” Lisa recently spoke to Digital Spy about the mutual friend who shared the rumors with her. “Mary’s very complex,” Lisa said. Now THAT’S an understatement. “With those complexities, I know Mary because my friend … introduced me to Mary.” Apparently, that’s how Mary got on RHOSLC, was through a mutual friend of Lisa’s. Not exactly the will of God as she claims, but to each his own.

Lisa says she’s been friends with this anonymous person for “years” so she was open to listening to what he had to say. “Relationships are dynamic. It would be unfair of me just to hear Mary’s side of a story and not listen to a person who I’ve had a history with that actually introduced Mary into the friend group,” Lisa continued. She’s not wrong. *Shadily sips my Diet Coke like Miss Vida Tequila*


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Lisa said that while she heard out her friend about the rumors, she doesn’t necessarily agree or disagree with him. “Everyone’s entitled to their feelings,” she said. “That goes for Mary too.” So Lisa didn’t give an indication of whether or not she believes the cult rumors. But clearly, it’s going to rub Mary the wrong way next season in a similar way her “hospital smell” comments threw Jen over the edge last year. Bravo, I’m BEYOND ready for this season of RHOSLC. Bring it on.


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