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Heather Gay Says She “Was Terrified” During Jen Shah’s Arrest

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 will be back on our screens soon, and I am here for it! Once again, Jen Shah will be generating tons of drama, but this time, it is of the legal variety. And from the looks of the Season 2 trailer, the cast will be taking sides over Jen’s legal predicament.

Jen’s volatile temper was on full display last season on RHOSLC. And while it looked like Jen might be exaggerating her behavior, her bestie, Heather Gay, said that was just Jen’s personality. Wow.

Jen went on to fat shame Heather, allegedly calling her a “manatee” and “Shrek.” A screenshot of the vile messages was shared by the Instagram account realityvontease2. Not cool, Jen.

Then, audio leaked of Jen supposedly going off on her Shah Squad and designer Koa Johnson. The Instagram account realityvontease2 shared the audio recording. Jen’s lawyers sent the fan accounts that posted the audio cease and desist letters.

What happened next was mind-blowing. Jen was arrested on March 30, 2021 and faces federal charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The charges are related to a telemarketing scheme that Jen was allegedly involved in.  Stuart Smith, Jen’s assistant, was arrested and is facing the same charges. The U.S. Attorney categorized both Jen and Stuart as “senior participants” in the crime.

During her arraignment, Jen plead not guilty, and Stuart did also. Jen’s trial is scheduled to start on October 18, 2021. Mark your calendars.

Bravo cameras were rolling when Jen was arrested. She reportedly told the RHOSLC producers and cast that her husband was ill and that she had to leave. But Jen’s husband, Sharrieff Shah, supposedly tipped her off that her arrest was imminent. And they say romance is dead!

According to E! News, Heather appeared on Bravo’s Chat Room on August 19, 2021, with hosts Porsha Williams and Gizelle Bryant. She discussed what really went down when Jen was arrested.Porsha asked Heather, “What do you think about the arrest? Did you find out with everybody else? Or did you know before us?”


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Heather responded, “I mean, I’ve been, like, dying to talk about this publicly. With you ladies this is like an exclusive tea. It all happened live time, real time, active filming,” she explained.

“We were all together, Jen was there. We were getting ready to leave for a cast trip, we were just sitting at Beauty Lab getting our last-minute things, making sure everything was squared away,” Heather stated. “And Jen had to leave, and then everything happened.”

“But Heather, isn’t Beauty Lab your place of business? Did the cops come to your place of business?” Gizelle asked. “Were you feeling like you were going to get arrested?”

“Oh girl, I knew I was holding, and I was pinned against the wall. I thought they were coming for me,” Heather quipped. “I was terrified.” I love her sense of humor.

Porsha questioned Heather about if she had just “stayed quiet” during Jen’s scandal. Heather replied, “No, I talked to her about every single detail. I have one job and my job is not to defend her, it’s not to judge her, it’s not to prosecute her, it’s not to make her feel bad about what she’s done,” the entrepreneur stated. “It’s to be her friend.”

“I love that, Heather. I knew you was a ride-or-die,” Porsha said. “I knew it!”

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 premieres on Sunday, Sept. 12 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.


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