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Mary Cosby Fell Asleep At Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Season 1 Reunion

Well, the ladies on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City had quite a first season. Even though some of us are still coming to terms that Lisa Barlow is not Meredith Marks, most of the cast stood out on their own merit. While Utah definitely had some moments, there was something else that made this franchise different from the rest.

This is the first time we have seen religion featured so heavily on Bravo. In a largely Mormon environment, Mary Cosby came in as a Pentecostal pastor married to her step-grandfather. On that alone, Mary could have stayed seated and still had a storyline better than anyone on Real Housewives of Orange County this year. Viewers gained some insight into running a scam church, fears of 7-11, and the dreaded scent of hospitals. Now it’s time for the reunion! Most of the ladies were there to resolve conflict, but Mary was there for a snooze.

As we all know, the reunion is usually where shots are fired and ducking and covering becomes a learned characteristic. While people throw around accusations and make attempts to either explain themselves or cry, Mary’s first reunion was a little different than everyone else’s. Despite the legend that this is an incredibly stressful show to tape, Mary got some shut eye. Yep, according to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Mary passed out slept.

Mary was asked to rate her reunion experience “on a scale of one to ten on the torture meter”. Mary replied, “I don’t think it resulted into pain. The only pain that I got resulted in, I fell asleep, and the camera caught me.” Look, it happens. Remember when Ramona Singer had too much wine at lunch also fell asleep during a Real Housewives of New York reunion? Just because Mary had a disco nap doesn’t have to mean she was three sheets to the wind, maybe the Holy Spirit just wanted her to take a quick break.


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Mary admitted she did not sleep prior to the taping for “three days at all”. This doesn’t surprise me. Have you ever looked at Mary’s Insta? It’s like a fever dream and kind of exhausting. When the group got into a convo that wasn’t getting anywhere, Mary decided to “disengage” from the situation. “And I just closed my eyes to relax and separate myself. Andy [Cohen] called my name and I said, ‘no way I was [a]sleep!'” Yes kids, she was in fact having a little siesta brought on by… lack of sleep? Nerves? Too much Excedrin PM the night before?

Mary continued, “Andy said, ‘Mary what do you think?’ And I [was] just deer in headlights and I woke up. And I was on it, though. So I couldn’t have fell off that too long. But I did fall asleep.” Happens to the best of us, amirite? The RHOSLC reunion taped in person but an air date has not been announced. Stay tuned to watch the cast answer questions, reach resolutions, and see what Mary looks like when she takes a day of rest.


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