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Meghan King Is Getting Jim Edmonds Tattoo Removed

I don’t know about you, but I’m over here twiddling my thumbs and counting the days until The Real Housewives of Orange County graces the small screen once again. Thankfully, there’s enough drama in the offseason, to keep us slightly entertained. And today’s entertainment has been brought to us by non other than former housewife Meghan King, the former Mrs. Jim Edmonds and serial name changer. It seems as if Meghan has had some regrets about a certain “JE” tattoo dedicated to the former ball player and dad pant wearer.

If you don’t remember Meghan, or are new to the franchise, let me remind you. She first appeared during the fabulous hoedown thrown by none other than Miss Fancy Pants herself, Heather Dubrow celebrating the groundbreaking of the new Dubrow Mansion. Coming full circle, now that Heather has returned to RHOC, we finally get to see said completed mansion, and possibly a clip of where all this started (fingers crossed).

Although Meghan was not yet a cast member, she brought attention to herself as the much younger and unarguably better looking fiancé of longtime Dubrow family friend Jimmy Edmonds (and his second, now ex, wife we might add). While this relationship caused many a raised eyebrow, it was the response by (at the time) very much still married David Beador that caused all the drama in the O.C. Corral. In a move that can only be described as foreshadowing, David brought the much younger and blonder Meghan a glass of tequila, before offering one to his (at the time) wife, Shannon Beador Not only that, he had the audacity to ignore proper introductions for the duo.

This move would underscore most of the drama between Shannon and Meghan during King’s first season as a housewife, and solidify Heather as a staunch Meghan supporter. Couple that with the demise of the Beador marriage, and you have a season made in heaven. Say all you want about Meghan’s status as a trophy wife, but she definitely came to play (the takedown of Brooks Ayers, if you will).


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The Edmonds‘ marriage certainly came under fire throughout Meghan’s tenure on the show. Not only was she the much younger, third wife of Jimmy, but the two didn’t even live in the same state most of the time thanks to Jim’s frequent trips to St. Louis. Jim’s gruff demeanor and aloofness when it came to his wife had everyone’s tongues wagging. How this man got three, let alone one, women to marry him is beyond my comprehension. Don’t even get me started on how absent he was during the conception (via IVF) of his child, nor how obviously disappointed he was to be having yet another girl. That man.

Blessedly, as all things based in shoddy foundations do, the Jim and Meghan’s marriage and related messiness (can you say affairsthreesome allegations, baby drama) has come to an end. Finally! And now, it’s time for Meghan to celebrate by finally divesting herself of the last vestige of their true love (other than their children, who will not be disposed of quite so easily).

According to Us Weekly, Meghan is finally having the tattoo she got to commemorate her marriage to Jimmy boy removed. I still can’t believe she got a tattoo. A permanent symbol of everlasting love, inked on the skin of a woman who changes her last name faster than most people change their underwear. She’s gone from Meghan King to Meghan King Edmonds to Meghan Edmonds and back to Meghan King, faster than a speeding bullet. I actually felt sorry for the RHOC type casters back in the day trying to keep up with the correct nomenclature.

King shared the story with her Instagram followers on Tuesday, September 7th, stating, “Alright, check out this bad boy. It’s going away. I’ve done so many laser sessions and I will not stop until it’s gone.” Meghan has been vocal about this removal, updating followers on its progress since starting the procedures back in July. It’s got to be somewhat of a relief to not have to carry the indelible connection to Jim and his jeans around on her forearm for much longer.


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And maybe, just maybe, unencumbered by the weight of Jimmy’s constant disappointment, Meghan will be free to return to the next season of RHOC, slug back some tequila with her friend Heather as they tour the mansion that brought them together, and drive Shannon into uncomfortable distraction.


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