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Erika Jayne Accuses Lawyer Who Is Investigating Her Of Extortion And Threatening Her Friends

The saga of Erika Jayne continues. Every day it seems like it’s something new for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. And no wonder she stayed on this season. The girl is going to need money for all these legal battles. One huge battle is between Erika and attorney Ronald Richards. You might remember that he was hired by Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy trustee to investigate Erika. Thanks to cash transferred to Erika’s company by Tom’s law firm (to the tune of $25 million), Erika is now being sued for that money.

Erika hasn’t taken kindly to Ronald’s work. In fact, she’s now accusing him of extortion. As reported by Radar Online, it all started when Erika accused the attorney of being legally motivated by “fees.” Ronald fired back and said, “Erika was falsely contending we were only interested in fees. We then offered to add 10 percent to any voluntary return of the $25,000,000 in expenses the firm paid for her in the next ten days.”

Ronald continued, “If she was interested in helping the victims, she would simply pay back some of the expenses that were improperly advanced by the law firm and improperly deducted by Erika on her LLC and personal returns. This would add 10 percent to her voluntarily compliance payment. It is not about the fees, it is about the victims.”

Erika was not happy and took to Twitter to say, “This sounds like extortion.” Ronald quickly responded, “Not even close. Windfall for victims/creditors: A voluntary payment without any deduction of our legal fees. We are hopeful an appeal to reason and humanity is more persuasive than a misguided and erroneous legal opinion. It is undisputed the $25m was spent for just one person.”


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This isn’t the first time the pair have come to blows publicly. Erika also accused Ronald of “threatening” the few friends left that still support her. At the time, Radar Online reported that Erika was trying to get Ronald kicked off the case for “harassing” her on social media. It didn’t work and the judge shut her down. Erika wasn’t happy and claimed that Ronald was “abusing” his position as Special Litigation Counsel. According to filed documents by Erika, he “publicly threatening with investigation individuals who appeared supportive of Ms. Girardi ad may be potential witnesses.” She’s possibly alluding to when Ronald talked about deposing castmate Lisa Rinna.

Ronald remained unmoved and stated, “Those are what we call issues on appeal. They are not the actual brief. However, this argument was not raised in the briefing below based upon our current understanding, we have been instructed not to work on the appeal as it filed it to protect her rights and there has not actually been a decision to pursue an appeal. It looks like a soundbite more than a legal argument.”

He concluded, “Erika should stop wasting money on this side issue and focus on returning the money for her expenses that were improperly deducted and paid on her behalf and settle her pending litigation.”


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