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Erika Jayne Sued For $243K And Luxury Jewelry Allegedly Transferred To Her By Tom Girardi

Well, the beat goes on but it’s not in a 4/4 time signature with a catchy hook. This is essentially the beatdown of Erika Jayne from the fallout of Tom Girardi basically embezzling from everyone who hired him as an attorney. The tears and mascara flowed on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night and today Erika is catching another case.

It has now become a never-ending cycle of assumptions, theft, and the tale of innocent victims who suffered in the wake of a massive fraud scheme. As the Girardi bankruptcy legal case looms over EJ’s head, she might want to hide the good extensions because trustees are coming for everything. Now her beloved jewelry might be on the line because a new suit has been filed regarding Erika’s “luxury items”. Heads up orphans and widows, the Cartier Panther Ring is about to go to the highest bidder on eBay.

Damn, Erika got herself into big trouble and I bet she never saw it turning out like this. What might be more accurate is Tommy had every reason to believe he would be caught one day and perhaps used Erika’s business accounts to funnel funds he stole before allegedly deteriorating into dementia. Whether Erika knew or not is the real question on everyone’s mind, but in the interim, she’s struggling to hang on to the bottle of Palmolive on her kitchen counter.

According to Radar Online, it just got worse for EJ. New legal documents reveal Erika has been slapped with a FEDERAL lawsuit demanding she returns money “fraudulently” transferred to her by No Longer Big Tommy. The trustee presiding over the bankruptcy case filed a civil suit against Erika and the defendants also include EJ Global and Pretty Mess Inc. The new suit claims Tom assigned his rights to a 2012 court settlement to his spouse. Translation: Tom gave EJ money to hide.

The trustee alleges Erika collected $242,658 between 2012 and 2021 and is set to receive another $78k in payments in 2022 through ps 2025. Apparently the trustee “intercepted” $19,760 that was sent to Erika and it’s now in a trust account until a decision has been made about the money. The trustee also wants EJ’s tasteful jewelry, because everyone needs a necklace that says, “cunty”. Documents show Tom is accused of assigning rights to jewelry and “other luxury items” purchased by him in the above-mentioned settlement in an effort to play hide and seek with creditors. These would be the “personal gifts” she doesn’t want to give up.


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The suit also claims the expensive items Tom purchased were to hide his assets, which obviously tracks. The “plaintiff is informed and believes and, on that basis alleges thereon that the Debtor and the Defendants conspired to conceal the Transfers and keep these assets away [from] the Debtor’s creditors”. The suit obliterates EJ and quite possibly reduced her attorneys to tears. It says, “the defendant Erika has used to glamour and notoriety to continue to aid and abet in sham transactions that have occurred with respect to large transfers of assets from the Debtors to the Defendants”.

The trustee demands the money be returned as well as the luxury items. As people continue to question Erika’s role in this scheme, her reactions are also up for debate. Why in the world would she continue with a cold as ice exterior when everything around her is so hot. Depending on what you read, Tom has very strong ties within the LAPD and EJ’s son is a police officer. Erika, blink twice if the call is coming from inside the house.


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