Eboni K. Williams Discusses Potential Second Season On Real Housewives; Eboni Says She Talks To Luann de Lesseps The Least Out Of Her Co-Stars

The Real Housewives of New York had a rocky year. Season 13 was a dud and anyone and everyone have been pointing fingers in different directions as to why. Personally, the combination of New York City grappling with the pandemic, a small group of ladies, and a whole lot of disconnect is to blame. While other believe certain cast members, whether its Ramona Singer,  Leah McSweeney, or newbie Eboni K. Williams, deserve to go after last year.

The RHONY rumors have been flying all season long about the future of the show. The Ramonacoaster may or may not be on the chopping block after her display last season. Eboni came on as the first Black New York housewife and while she taught the ladies a lesson or two, not everyone was into her “preachiness.” There’s word of an imminent cast shakeup, a permanent hiatus, and more. But one rumor has been dispelled — a reunion will be happening. Better late than never?

Eboni recently spoke to Hollywood Life about her RHONY future, both during the reunion and next season. She was a bit vague about whether or not she’s looking for a second season. First, she brought up that invitations to return won’t happen until after the reunion, and then the ladies themselves have to make a decision. “I’m just somebody that makes decisions around what makes sense. What makes sense personally? What makes sense for me on a business decision, because I am a businesswoman. What makes sense for my personal life and my financial goals?”


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So it sounds like she’ll be waiting to see if Bravo first invites her back, and how much cash they’re willing to make her sit through another season with the ladies. You gotta respect a girl who knows what she wants. 

As for the reunion, Eboni is excited to officially wrap things up after her first year. She expects it to be a “fantastic” reunion where she and the other RHONY ladies will share their “feelings and thoughts.” She likely believes it will go so great because she said she doesn’t really “do confrontation.” Has she ever seen a Real Housewives reunion? It’s all confrontation. “I’m looking forward to hearing [their] thoughts and opinions — probably the most of Luann [de Lesseps] — because we’ve had the least amount of communication since the show aired,” Eboni continued. Is the Countess still mad about the education debate? Or is she just going off-the-grid like Sonja Morgan? We’ll apparently find out at the long-overdue reunion, whenever it actually airs.


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