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Real Housewives Of New York Reportedly Considering Permanent Hiatus After Season 13

The Real Housewives of New York is obviously having a rough season. But who wasn’t struggling during the tail end of 2020? The COVID-19 pandemic reached new levels of scary. There was an overall dark cloud hanging over everything, especially NYC after it was an epicenter of the virus. And the ladies dealt with filming delays, a smaller group, and a clear disconnect between older and newer cast members. But the Bravoverse is acting like the sky is falling. The last season of Real Housewives of Orange County deserved the hate for being dark, toxic, and boring. But this level of vitriol is new for the RHONY crowd.

And since the bad ratings have been rampant, so have the RHONY rumors. It started with word that Ramona Singer was getting fired, which wouldn’t be totally shocking after her nasty display during last week’s episode. Mona’s denied the rumors, even though a cast shakeup does seem imminent. There’s also word that the reunion is delayed for unknown reasons, but who knows about that. Probably Rihanna at this point. And it can’t be overlooked that Leah McSweeney and Eboni K. Williams have been receiving extreme levels of hate this season. At least we have Sonja Morgan. But the big question still remains — what are we STILL doing here without Dorinda Medley? A trip to the Bezerkshires is just what the ladies need.

And now Radar Online is coming out with another outrageous story with rumors of the future of RHONY. They claim that the reunion has been postponed twice and now their same “sources” claim the show is being put on permanent hiatus after the season ends. GASP.

The report states that the reunion has yet to be rescheduled, after both an August and September date were canceled. “But even more concerning, there is no date to start filming season 14 on the books and talk about putting the show on permanent hiatus,” the “insider” said (Is it Coco Singer? A Sonjarita intern? REVEAL YOURSELF).

Because Bravo never officially cancel shows, they put them on indefinite hiatus, such as Real Housewives of Miami. “The decision about the show’s future is no longer in the hands of Bravo,” the mysterious source continued. “After all the accusations of racism, the decision has gone all the way to the top bosses at NBC.” Now everyone HOLD YOUR HORSES. RHONY has been a Bravo mainstay since the old days. And while Ramona’s behavior is abhorrent, let’s remember that RHOC still survived after the Kelly Dodd of it all. Like, let’s all take a chill pill. Where’s Lisa Rinna’s ziplock baggie when you need it?


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The insider continued to say the show is “too controversial now,” which again, doesn’t make sense. Eboni is bringing racial conversations to the forefront and bringing diversity that fans ASKED FOR from the show. And the only one with a major problem is Ramona. This is extreme. “Which is why there is talk about shutting it down until things cool off,” the source said. “The last thing they want to do is having this show poison the entire franchise.”

I’ll believe it when I see it. The show doesn’t need a Bethenny Frankel return to survive. It needs some new faces, preferably who are actually married, and a fresh start. And fans need to cool off their hate if they ever want to watch a new episode of RHONY again.


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