Lexi Wilson Slams Below Deck Mediterranean Producers After Firing In Since-Deleted Post

In the history of Below Deck Mediterranean, there has never been a figure as polarizing as Lexi Wilson. And we’ve seen Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White do some pretty shady stuff. Lexi is crass, explosive, and has no regard for what comes out of her mouth. She first blamed it on alcohol, but it doesn’t seem to matter what state she’s in. So it wasn’t a surprise when Captain Sandy finally gave her the boot during the latest episode. Bon voyage.

While Mathew Shea isn’t totally innocent in the argument, Lexi’s comments at the latest crew dinner were gross. She said that Mathew “should’ve been aborted” and threatened to “smack his ass” if cameras weren’t rolling. She managed to yell at every other crew member while looking totally arrogant with her comments about money, work ethic, and everything in between. And following her (long-awaited) firing, Lexi took to Instagram to continue to deflect, according to Decider


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In a post that she’s since deleted, Lexi tried to “clear the air” while slamming the Below Deck Med executive producer Nadine Rajabi. “And the nerve of you to message me talking about how you treated me fairly #nadinerajabi when you allowed this to happen,” the caption read. Come on, the damage was done by LEXI. WE ALL SAW THAT. The cameras caught her slacking off at work and saying messed-up things to her co-workers, yet she’s avoiding blame yet again. And she wonders why she had to walk the plank. To be honest, she lasted way longer than I expected. I thought she’d be out after showing the crew the face of Satan in the hot tub scene.

Additionally, Lexi clarified in the post that the conversation she had with her mom about money was about a former friend, not a current cast member, despite the editing. “These people are the worst in life,” Lexi said. “That episode is completely edited down and the stories are unrelated to the argument.” Girl YOU ARE THE WORST. But I do hope Lexi shows up to the reunion because that’d clearly be the high-drama I live for.


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