Captain Sandy Yawn Shares Her One Regret About Firing Hannah Ferrier From Below Deck Mediterranean

This season of Below Deck Mediterranean should have been inspiring. We should have been watching females in lead positions, running a boat efficiently, and not taking any crap. What we received was a sneaky bosun, a micro-managing captain, and a racist deckhand. Captain Sandy Yawn made some executive decisions and as a result, fans made some decisions of their own.

Hannah Ferrier is currently living her best life. Pregnant with a baby girl, Hannah has somewhat retired from the world of yachting. But the way she went out felt, I don’t know, kind of underhanded. Hannah was fired for having undeclared meds onboard, in the form of a Valium Rx and CBD pen. Viewers had a lot of feelings regarding Hannah’s termination and Captain Sandy has not been on the receiving end of good press. Now Sandy shares her thoughts on Hannah’s untimely exit, and her one regret regarding the controversy.

Below Deck Med was poised to bring breaking the glass ceiling vibes and amazing scenery. Instead we saw a chef reduced to hysterics and a new chief stew that looks like she covered herself in glue and ran straight into the Claire’s Boutique clearance section. While the crew bemoaned the loss of Chef Kiko Lorran, Captain Sandy and her mini-me, bosun Malia White were at the center of Hannah’s medication altercation.

Malia identifies as career-driven and someone who plays by the rules (and… not gay). As long as the rules involve going through your cabinmate’s personal belongings and texting photos of sensitive “medicinal aids” to the boss. But at the end of the day, Hannah not officially logging her pharmaceuticals is on her. That said, the procedure that followed in confronting Hannah and ultimately releasing her, seemed demeaning and humiliating.


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Captain Sandy has been receiving a lot of hate in the wake of Hannah’s departure. She appeared on Watch What Happens Live and shared some thoughts with Andy Cohen. E! News has the details. Sandy said, “I wish I could’ve sat down with Hannah and we had a real conversation, which that never happened.” That would have been refreshing. A superior having a professional interaction with an employee. Maybe not under the haze of implying people who treat anxiety disorders are unfit to work.

Sandy added, “The reality is, I didn’t tell Hannah to behave that way. It’s a job, it’s a real job, and I have to do what’s right…and follow Maritime law.” I never saw Hannah doing anything particularly foolish. She wasn’t running around drilling holes in the bottom of the boat. She never completely disregarded a guest’s wishes. But rules are rules. Sandy said she will never risk her captain’s license “for anybody” and that The Wellington had to be “drug free” under Maritime law. Maybe Maritime law needs to add an addendum about alcohol. They might be required to be drug free, but this crew’s collective blood type is vodka.


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Though they left on a sour note, Sandy wishes Hannah well. “She’s always wanted to be home and have a baby. I think, psychologically, Hannah probably sabotaged herself. Because, she really didn’t know how to leave.” Sandy Yawn, yacht captain and psychologist, at your service! What about Kiko? Did he not know “how to leave” either? Did Hannah self-sabotage Malila into going through her bag?

As Hannah finishes cooking up her baby, hopefully this season is in her rearview. Malia is currently dealing with the demise of her relationship while Sandy has gone on to imply Malia is secretly homosexual in a Cameo vid for a fan. Leaving Below Deck Med wasn’t Hannah’s choice, but if fans have their way, Captain Sandy might not be returning either.


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