Mary Cosby Slams “Fan” Who Accused Her And Eboni K. Williams Of Bleaching Their Skin On Leah McSweeney’s Instagram Post

Mary Cosby truly brought something to the first season of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. I just haven’t decided if that something is good, bad, or just downright weird. From her perspective, it was a sign from God. 

Mary started the show with a bang simply because of her off-the-wall storyline. She married her step-grandfather. She inherited the role of first lady of a church (that might be a cult) a la Gizelle Bryant style — but Gizelle isn’t exactly a Mary fan. Jen Shah became her sworn enemy when Mary told her she smelled like hospital. She said some pretty problematic things at the reunion, but also fell asleep in a hilarious way. Mary is truly a unique woman, even if she spends 98% of her time in her closet.

And Mary’s social media is even more of an anomaly. She shaded the makeup artists that beat her face for the reunion in this messy post. And more recently, she threw some shade aimed at Leah McSweeney and defended Eboni K. Williams, the newest lady on the Real Housewives of New York. 

It started when Leah posted the trailer to Season 13 of RHONY, in which she screams that everyone is a ho and calls Heather Thomson a “Karen.” Mary left the cryptic comment, “leave the black girls alone speak on you,” which has since been deleted, but the Instagram account @housewivesofSLC has the screenshots. It’s unclear what Mary was referring to with the message, but clearly she’s not a fan of the RHONY newbie.


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And then a commenter was talking smack about Eboni, accusing her of lightening her skin, getting plastic surgery and wearing “a weave or a wig to hide her natural hair like @mary_m_cosby.” And that’s when Mary really went off.

“Really ?? Why because I’m black I DONT lighten my skin I didn’t know you know me,” Mary wrote. “We are black & Beautiful I don’t want light skin just because we where a weave doesn’t mean we don’t have beautiful hair because we do stop commenting on me. You don’t know me you sound racist.”


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Then the commentator claimed Mary blocked her, which didn’t seem true since Mary responded to her talking about her even more. “Get something to do then bringing me up [email protected] be on your mind you brought me in this I don’t care about you I’m done !.” I cannot with the way she types. “Stop speaking on me ! Ok get you a life! I know a racist comment you just go jump your not important.” I can imagine her sitting on one of those ridiculous thrones in her closet, surrounded by Chanel bags, furiously typing these comments out. That’s a moment that the cameras need to catch for RHOSLC Season 2.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]