Teresa Giudice’s Lawyer Says Teresa Reuniting With Her Family After Prison Is “Most Authentic Scene In The History Of Reality Television”

Before the Erika Jayne and Jen Shah legal messes on Bravo today, Teresa Giudice started it all on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa’s fraud charges, brought on by Joe Giudice, and subsequent prison stint changed Real Housewives history. The show paused filming for her to serve her sentence and came back to capture her triumphant return home. And despite the fall from grace, she’s made a full return back to her normal life and reality TV career. And in the meantime, she’s had to grapple with Joe’s deportation, her parents’ deaths, and more.

Teresa’s homecoming from prison on RHONJ was truly emotional. While she tried to be fearless when she headed to “camp,” it was hard for her to leave her four dorters. So when she came back and got to hug Juicy Joe and the girls, it was an emotional moment. Christian Gray Snow recently posted a meme including a screenshot of the scene. And Tre’s lawyer James Leonard Jr. left a heartfelt comment on the post about the reunion, and what happened behind the scenes.


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A screenshot captured by Comments By Bravo showed the entire exchange. James wrote that he drove Tre home from jail, but stayed in the garage to give the family their privacy. A few months later, one of the RHONJ producers showed James a cut from the scene. “If you listen, when she and I are walking past the dogs’ cage, her mic picked up her heart beating out of her chest,” James wrote. “That is absolutely the most authentic scene in the history of reality television. 100 percent real emotion.” No one has done the reality TV game like Tre, through the good and bad. And you have to respect her for that.

James added that every time he watches the scene, it “makes [him] cry.” Teresa even commented on Comments By Bravo’s post saying, “Just seeing and reading and reading this post remembering all of this and now I am crying.” Tre might be messy, but she loves loves loves her family. And the scene reminds me why Tre deserves to be with her “soulmate” Luis Ruelas and live her happily ever after.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]