Teresa Giudice’s Life After Prison Release! Plus, Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 7 Starts Filming!

Teresa Giudice signs bottles of her Fabellini sparkling wine

Pay attention PUH-LEAZE! Teresa Giudice will be released from prison on December 23rd, which means in 2 days’ time. Yay – it’s a golden, leopard-print, CHARGE IT! Christmas at the Giudices once again. Let’s just hope Melissa Gorga doesn’t f–k up and bring sprinkle cookies because in times of celebration – like when your sister-in-law gets sprung – only a pignoli cookie will do! 

“… she’s getting released on Dec. 23, I don’t know exactly what time. I will be picking her up and driving her home,” Teresa’s attorney James Leonard Jr. confirmed. Teresa served 11 1/2 months of a 15 month sentence at Danbury Federal Correctional Institute. She received early release as a first-time, non-violent offender, who exhibited good behavior

Despite her release the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star isn’t free as a bird! Teresa is required to wear an electronic ankle monitoring device and will be on “home confinement until Feb. 5.”


“During that period, she will be able to work, she will be able to take care of business, medical [things]. She’ll be out and about. And then when that period ends, she will begin a period of supervised release,” explains Teresa’s attorney. “The sentence that she got was two years of supervised release.”

“I can tell you 100 percent, she is not going to a halfway house.” 

Teresa isn’t coming home to a rosy situation either. Her Montville mansion was just saved from foreclosure. In October the IRS filed a lien against the Giudices for $551,563 in unpaid income taxes between the years 2000 and 2013. They still owe a $13 million dollar debt and they are currently engaged in a lawsuit with their former bankruptcy attorneys. The Giudices filed a $5 million dollar suit against them for malpractice. Teresa and Joe also have to continue their hefty restitution payments. Teresa’s attorney refused to comment on the outstanding legal issues. 

“It’s Christmastime. We’re trying to keep things very positive and upbeat,” he quipped. I expect Teresa will be addressing all these issues, plus more in a special WWHL sit-down. 

Speaking of Christmas, Teresa is spending Christmas Eve with the beavers at Melissa and Joe Gorga‘s house, alongside their parents. Per her attorney, Teresa is “allowed to attend family events, so long as everything she does is communicated with the [person supervising her release]. If she wants to go to church or do things like that, she will ask permission.”

Teresa is also reportedly jumping right into filming season 7 of Real Housewives Of New Jersey, which was largely on hiatus until her release. Her attorney acknowledges Teresa is allowed to participate in filming despite home confinement. “If she were to re-sign with Bravo, she would be permitted to film the show … That’s how she supports her family.” Teresa is expected to be well-compensated for the exclusive on her post-prison life and is absorbing a large portion of this season’s budget. 

Tom Murro told NorthJersey.com that filming officially began last week, although “some prior filming” has been happening while Teresa was incarcerated; including Melissa opening her clothing store Posche Jr. Envy

The confirmed cast includes Teresa, Melissa, and Jacqueline Laruita

“Everyone else is part time with an option of full time if they perform,” Tom says. The list of part-time cast members currently includes Kathy Wakile (plus Rosie), as well as Dolores Catania, Robyn Levy and her wife Christina Flores (supposedly longtime friends of Teresa and Joe), plus Tenafly author and matchmaker Siggy Flicker. Below are a few photos of the new potential Housewives. 

It’s unclear if Dina Manzo will return. The longtime friend of Teresa posted a photo of a slumber party with her goddaughter Audriana

Dina Manzo slumber party with Audriana“Slumber party with this little munchkin!! Someone is VERY EXCITED for CHRISTMAS!! #godmommytime,” Dina exclaimed. [Credit: instagram] According to Dina, Audriana is very smart for her 5 years. “Her words ‘I still can’t believe Milania made Santa’s good list!'” Dina added. I can’t believe Teresa made Santa’s good list… 

It’s also largely suspected that Teresa will film a spinoff about Joe Giudice going to prison, and her life without Joe, similar to Teresa Checks In. Joe will begin serving his 41 month sentence in February.

Teresa is also releasing her prison memoir/tell-all bookTurning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again. She will be doing “will be doing some media and local signings,” says a spokesperson. She’ll also be recording an audio reading of the book. *SHUDDER*

Photos of the potential new cast mates are below. 


[Main Photo Credit: TNYF/WENN.com]

Potential RHONJ cast Robyn Levy & wife Christina Flores

Robyn and Christina [Credit: Instagram]

Robyn, Christina - new RHONJ cast members - party with Joe GiudiceRobyn and Christina partying with Juicy! [Credit: Instagram]

New RHONJ cast member Dolores Catania

Kathy and Jac with Dolores Catania. “The 7th Annual #cristianriverafoundation @jaclaurita @dolorescatania Find a cure for #dipg #braintumorawareness” [Photo Credit: Instagram]


Potential New RHONJ castmate Siggy Flicker

Siggy Flicker with Dolores and Kathy. [Credit: Instagram]