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Hannah Ferrier Ignored Captain Sandy Yawn When She Tried To Send Baby Gift Following Below Deck Firing

It’s no surprise that Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean was such a knockout, especially after Captain Sandy Yawn’s controversial firing of longtime chief stew Hannah Ferrier. While Sandy has doubled down on her decision, saying drugs of any kind are not allowed on the ship, it raised a lot of eyebrows on whether Sandy was really worried about her captain’s license or just wanted Hannah off the boat and show. Let’s not forget that Hannah had prescription Valium, which she claims to have never even taken, and a CBD pen, which is legal in Spain. But major snake Malia White couldn’t help but kiss Sandy’s ass and report Hannah (which she wouldn’t even fess up to) once she started having arguments with her cabin mate.

But Hannah is on to bigger and better things now that her Below Deck days are over. She opened her own yachting training academy. She’s engaged and a new mommy. While she was a staple on the show since the onset, it’s good to see her living her best life after such a nasty ending. 

It seems like the bad blood between Captain Sandy and Hannah will never go away, no thanks to their comments to the press about one another. And despite her bashing of Hannah, Sandy attempted to somewhat reconcile once the yachty announced she was pregnant, according to Us Weekly. “She sent me a message when I announced my pregnancy and asked for an address to send something and I didn’t respond to it,” Hannah said. But could you really blame her for distancing herself from the Captain who attempted to derail her career?

Hannah goes on to talk about the firing that left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. She brought up a situation where Captain Lee Rosbach found pills in the bunk of Kat Held and handled it by asking to see a prescription. Kat showed him and they went on with their lives, no public humiliation needed. “I sometimes feel with her … that she’s not honest with herself. Like she says like, “Oh, it wasn’t personal,’ like, the firing. I was like, ‘It’s kind of funny because Kat had prescription meds that Captain Lee had found out about and she didn’t get fired.’ There wasn’t a need to fire me for that. It was a hundred percent personal, but I guess whatever helps you sleep at night.”


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No wonder Hannah wishes that Lee was her captain instead of Sandy, he does seem to have a more understanding nature to him.

It’s obvious Hannah is sleeping just fine next to her soon-to-be hubby and adorable little baby. And she’ll accept gifts from positive people from her past, including former Below Deck guests. 


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