Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Lettuce Pray For Good Vibes Only

Who is ready for another group trip this season? The last one was cute, but this time the men are tagging along. This should be fun! The Real Housewives of Potomac never fail us. THE DRAMA IS PALPABLE.

Mia Thornton’s leaving her children behind with her mother for the first time. She wants them to be comfortable, but it has to be hard. There’s a lot of deeply rooted emotional trauma with that. Hopefully her mother’s up for the task of doing this. This is make or break for her relationship with Mia.

Gordon Thornton’s not excited about this trip at all. He has no desire to deal with the other couples. Why’s he already bitching about this? Damn dude. Go on the trip. Have a good time. Life doesn’t have to be that serious.

Mia’s taking this “yo momma” thing from Candiace Dillard Bassett far too seriously. Candiace didn’t know a damn thing about Mia’s mommy issues. You came for her craft, and she clapped back. If you can’t handle the heat, don’t throw shade. Stay in your own lane Mia.

Candiace’s indie career is finally taking off, but she doesn’t have a label. If she wants to be taken seriously in the business, she needs a deal. That’s what separates an aspiring artist from an established one.

As of now, Chris Bassett is still in the manager role. They obviously haven’t learned anything from their tension. Surely, they don’t want something like this to come in between their marriage.

Chris & Candiace don’t understand why Mia would get involved in their business. Candiace finds there to be a pattern with Mia projecting onto others. There was no reason for Mia to stick her nose in Candiace’s person life. Asking her mom private questions is unacceptable, and Candiace reacted accordingly.

The couples’ trip is going to be so much drama. There’s once again so much brewing beneath the surface with all of the women. Knowing the salad toss is right around the corner is giving me so much life. There’s something about lettuce flying through the air that gets my adrenaline pumping.

Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

Ashley Darby & Robyn Dixon are talking about Candiace being hurtful to Mia about her mother. Why is this the narrative? It wasn’t that deep. Mia fired the first shot. Candiace had no choice but to finish her off in that moment with a verbal jab. She didn’t know squat about Mia’s mom and her life issues.

Gizelle Bryant’s not attending the trip because she felt like the invite from Wendy Osefo was rude. That’s wack as hell because Gizelle purposely did a rude invite to the last event. What is with the double standard?

Robyn’s not stupid and she knows Michael Darby’s purposely skipping out on the trip. Hopefully she agrees to tag along as Ashley’s plus one. Neither of them have men who actually want to show up to shit. They might as well go together.

Wendy’s cold attitude toward Robyn’s relationship is the reason she doesn’t want to go. The entire original issue was a heightened moment, and they should really make amends. If their friendship ever meant anything, they’d be able to patch this up.

Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

People might have to share rooms on the trip. However unlike the previous trip, nobody is banished to a lesser building. That’s progress because that was shady boots behavior!

So far Wendy finds Gordon to be a good time, but the night is still young. They’re doing shots fairly early into the first day. If they keep it up at this pace, Wendy’s “good vibes only” mantra isn’t going to less. No f**king way.

Mia explains to Wendy the situation involving her mother. The fact Wendy had no idea further proves that Candiace wasn’t that in the wrong. Wendy realizes now why Candiace’s comment might’ve struck a deeper chord within Mia. Even so, if CANDIACE wasn’t aware of Mia’s past, it didn’t have the malicious connotation behind it.

Karen Huger’s ready to show the group she’s ready for move on with everyone. She’s in a place where she finally feels comfortable inviting Gizelle to her wedding. That’s a huge step coming from the Grand Dame. Progress honey because I didn’t think it was possible!

It’s the way Candiace is constantly mentioning Mia’s large feet for me. I can’t! What’s the obsession with Mia and her foot? Are they really that large and in charge?

Wendy’s naive if she truly believes this weekend is going to go off with good vibes only. Yeah, Gordon’s already doing the most. The trip’s barely underway, and he’s too lit. Mia get your man under control. Use whatever prowess you had at the strip club to keep him in check.

EVERYONE IS TAKING SO MANY SHOTS. The second anyone walks into the house, they do another round of shots. By the time Ashley & Karen arrive, they’re all going to be passed out. OOH.

Mia Thornton Real Housewives Of Potomac

Gordon puts his car dealer on speaker for what’s supposed to be some impressive moment. Instead he’s making a total asshole out of himself. He’s telling Mia to shut the f**k up. This is embarrassing behavior.

Candiace is leading the charge against Gordon because he’s doing too much. She went as far as to compare him to Michael. That’s probably the lowest comparison anyone could ever have.

The weird dynamic between Mia & Gordon is leading to some questions about their marriage. Is everything alright at home? What’s the root of their issue?

Candiace & Mia try to talk about their fight at the last party. Wendy tries to tell the story about Mia’s mother, but Candiace isn’t going down that easily. She wants to explain why she made the comment about her mother to begin with. It’s not going well. Candiace tells Mia she was found on the curb by her pimp. Shots FIRED.

By the time Karen & Ashley show up, there’s so much built up tension with Mia & Candiace. At least there’s finally someone firmly on Mia’s side. She won’t feel as backed into the corner as she was before. Wendy won’t be forced to fake defend her out of obligation.

After room assignments, the fighting resumes between Mia & Candiace. The moment Mia starts putting her hand in Candiace’s face is the moment it goes off the rails. Candiace demands to know where Mia’s pimp is and chucks some lettuce at her. Mia however throws a lot more at Candiace, and now we’re in a full blown food fight.

Things aren’t going to get any better either because Robyn & Gizelle are coming in next week’s episode. This trip is going to another level of insanity. I’m so here for it because as cute as it is, Wendy’s good vibes only is boring. Bring on the drama!


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